The Ultimate Guide to Feather Flags

A feather flag is a 6 ft. tall to 20 ft. tall flag that is used to advertise a company and draw attention to an event or business.

As time waxes and wanes, there are some things that never change! One fact that has stood the test of time has been marketing. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about feather flags. There are many suppliers but only one source! Let us dive into your ultimate rundown of feather flags, how they’re produced, how long they last, the whole 9 nine yards!

Ultimate Guide Table of Contents:

Feather Flag History

The history of feather flags started in the early 1960s with the American Kit Association. Kite flying started and/or was practiced across the world in places like India, East Asia, Pakistan, and America but it was considered as a hobby; practiced by some and observed by many. In 1984 a group of American Kit Associates attended a kit festival in Singapore, China, and Bali. The annual kite festival in Bali had long flapping tail flags, laced with bamboo poles and religious messages to the Hindu Gods for abundant harvest and crops. This event was the birth of Feather Flags in the United States of America.

After the kit festival in 1984 and with the rise of the internet in the early 1990s, feather flags exploded! Known by various names over the years people have called feather flags ‘custom banners’, ‘swooper flags’ and ‘yard signs’. But all things being equal, feather flags are here to stay and still remain a proven way to generate attention and increase retail sales.

What is a Feather Flag?

A feather flag is a 6 ft. tall to 20 ft. tall flag that is used to advertise a company and draw attention to an event or business. The purpose of feather flags is clear: GET ATTENTION. Like everything in life, there are going to be pros and cons to any marketing activity.

Let’s start with the cons: (1) flags will never last forever, there is always a time factor with swooper flags (more on that later). (2) Feather flags can only be in one place at a time (i.e. like social media). And (3), you can’t change a feather flag after production, you must go with the design you choose once printed.

Now for the pros! (1) The same feather flag can be moved and/or used at various locations such as trade shows, events, churches, and festivals. (2) Feather flags can be customized to fit your brand and/or company’s image. This design can be changed and used to separate you from your competition. (3) Feather flags are affordable and can be ordered in great quantities to make a bigger statement.

These are a couple of purposes for feather flags and although the goal may change from company to company, the overarching purpose is to get your customers’ attention and get your target market to purchase your products/services.

Feather Flag Sizes & Price

Feather flags can come in various sizes and prices. The price of a feather flag will directly relate to the size and/or lack thereof. The most popular sizes are 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 15ft, 16ft and 17ft. When determining the size of your feather you must understand there is a difference between fabric size and total flag size (i.e. kits). For example, the total height of the kit (pole, ground spike, and flag) could be 10ft but the fabric itself would be 8ft. The fabric is 2ft less than the total height because the ground spike and/or cross base (mounting hardware) adds additional feet to the total height. The price depends on size, here are the standard prices for each respective size:

*These prices are for Ground Spikes.  For Cross Bases add an additional $30 for kits.

·         5ft Flag ONLY

o   Single-Sided – $75

o   Double-Sided – $120

·         6ft Kit (5ft flag) w/ Spike

o   Single-Sided – $109.99

o   Double-Sided – $155.98

·         6ft Flag ONLY

o   Single-Sided – $84.99

o   Double-Sided – $154.98

·         8ft Kit (6ft flag) w/ Spike

o   Single-Sided – $119.99

o   Double-Sided – $189.99

·         8ft Flag ONLY

o   Single-Sided – $95

o   Double-Sided – $165

·         10ft Kit (8ft flag) w/ Spike

o   Single-Sided – $129.99

o   Double-Sided – $199.99

·         10ft Flag ONLY

o   Single-Sided – $95

o   Double-Sided – $165

·         12ft Kit (10ft flag) w/ Spike

o   Single-Sided – $132.99

o   Double-Sided – $202.98

·         12ft Flag ONLY

o   Single-Sided – $95

o   Double-Sided – $165

·         15ft Kit (12ft flag) w/ Spike

o   Single-Sided – $139.99

o   Double-Sided – $209.98

·         14ft Flag ONLY

o   Single-Sided – $114.99

o   Double-Sided – $184.98

·         16ft Kit (14ft flag) w/ Spike

o   Single-Sided – $149.99

o   Double-Sided – $219.98

·         15ft Flag ONLY

o   Single-Sided – $115

o   Double-Sided – $194.99

·         17ft Kit (15ft flag) w/ Spike

o   Single-Sided – $169.99

o  Double-Sided – $239.99

Feather Flag Kit Sizes

Single vs Double-sided, that is the question! Here at Feather Flag Nation, every day numerous people ask the same question: “Should I get Single-Sided or Double-Sided Flags? What’s the Difference”? Let me explain!

Single Sided Feather Flags

Our single-sided feather flags are printed on (1) Side and the same image is ‘reversed’ and/or shown on the back. On the back-side of single-sided flags, the reversed image is shown at about a 65% opacity, below is how the image looks on the front and back.

Double-sided feather flags are quite different! For our double-sided feather flags, the design is printed on both sides. In between both sides, there is a black mesh that separates the double-sided feather flags, you can’t see and/or the image doesn’t show on the opposite side. Double-sided feather flags are the most popular flags we provide, although more expensive the quality and appeal are better. 

Double Sided Feather Flags

Mounting Hardware, Pole Kits, Feather Flag Accessories

The type of mounting hardware (inside, outside) depends on your needs and how you will use your feather flags. Before you place your order be sure to identify whether you’re going to use your flags indoors, outdoors or some other way (i.e. car, tents, walls). As it relates to mounting hardware the most popular options are the Ground Spike and Cross Base but there are other mounting options to consider. Feather flag pole kits are based on size and travel bags are based on flags: Let’s discuss!


Fiber Glass Pole Kits – $30 | Purchase Link
Aluminum Pole Kits – $30 | Purchase Link

Feather Flag Hardware

Poles kits are unique, each pole kit includes a 3pc or 4pc pole. Each are fashioned differently but serves the same purpose (i.e. mount Feather Flags). Fiber Glass pole kits include a 4pc Carbon Fiber pole set made of 100% pure aluminum and a flexible carbon fiber top. Unlike our competitors, we don’t use recycled aluminum as it breaks easily and doesn’t last long. Fiber Glass tip pole kits are 1.15” diameter. Your feather flag pole sleeve must be 2” wide for poles to fit.

Aluminum pole kits are also made of 100% pure aluminum with three straight pole pieces with a top pre-curved pole. The aluminum pole kits are stronger than fiberglass pole kits; our aluminum kits are more durable in windy weather. Aluminum tip pole kits are 1.15” diameter. Your feather flag pole sleeve must be 2” wide for poles to fit.

Travel Package – $20 | Purchase Link


Dirt, Grass and Concrete Mount
Ground Spike – $20
| Purchase Link
Small Ground Spikes (6ft ONLY) – $20  
| Purchase Link
Drill Spike – $15  | Purchase Link

Feather Flag Ground Spikes

The ground spike is the most commonly used mounting hardware for all feather flags across the country. At Feather Flag Nation every kit (i.e. flag, poles, and mount) you purchase includes the ground spike by default. Ground spikes are good for sticking your flags into grass and dirt. The rod that sticks into the ground is around 3 feet in total height; this additional space is included in the overall height of your swooper flags.

Ground spikes come in the standard and/or small sizes (6ft ONLY) and weigh 4lbs.  A ground spike is 1.16” diameter (where pole sits) poles and must be 1.15” to fit a ground spike.

Drill spikes are heavy-duty and used to drill into hard ground and/or concrete. A drill spike is 12” inches in total and weighs 2lbs per spike.


Cross Base (X-Stands) – $30 | Purchase Link
Weight Doughnuts – $10 | Purchase Link

Feather Flag Floor Mounts, Cross Base and Weight Donught

Heavy-Duty Cross Bases aka X-Stand is the most commonly used hardware for indoor use. You can use the base alone, but you can also include a weight doughnut ($10 additional) to hold your flags firmly to the ground. For our weight doughnuts use sand or water to weigh down your flags. Cross bases are an additional $30 for any feather flag that you purchase at Feather Flag Nation.

Cross bases are 26” inches wide and 6” tall; all bases weigh around 10lbs each.

Flat Base – $30 | Purchase Link

Feather Flag Flat Base

Our flat-bases only work with specific pole kits. Square Steel Plate Bass is a solid black steel plate made to fit our real estate pole set and teardrop pole set. Flat-Bases are an additional $40 for any feather flag that you purchase at Feather Flag Nation.

Flat-Bases weighs 17lbs each.


Car Wheel Base – $25 | Purchase Link
Foldable Wheel Base – $30 | Purchase Link
SUV Wheel Base – $35
| Purchase Link
Tow-Hitch – $35
| Purchase Link

Feather Flag Car Mounts

Our Car Wheel Bases are great to attach any feather flag to your car, truck, and SUV. Be sure to read over the specs for each mount is different and/or used in very specific ways. Our regular car wheelbase is a great option for auto dealerships looking to display feather flags on a car lot. This tire base work with all our 3pc, 4pc, and Carbon fiber pole sets. Car wheelbases are 16” inches wide and 8” inches tall, each base weighs 5lbs each.

The foldable Wheel Base is a chrome wheelbase made to fit over a standard tire. This wheelbase is cheaper on shipping, and makes traveling with it easy! This base is great for any and every dealership. We recommend this base with any of our pole sets. Foldable Car wheelbases are 17” inches wide and 5” inches tall, each base weighs 7lbs each.

The SUV Wheel Base is similar and/or functions the same as our Car Wheel Base but it’s better to use with larger vehicles, trucks, and SUVs. SUV Wheel Bases are 21” inches wide and 8” inches tall, each base weighs 7lbs each.

Our tow-hitch makes it easy to take your flag set on the go or drive with your feather flags. Each hitch weighs 7lbs each.


Bolt-On Wall Mount – $20 | Purchase Link
Pole Mount – $15
| Purchase Link
Angle Mount – $15 | Purchase Link
Angle Bolt-On Wall Mount – $20 | Purchase Link
Bolt-On Roof Mount – $20 | Purchase Link

Feather Flag Wall Mounts

At Feather Flag Nation we offer 5 different mounts to set up your advertising flags. These mounts include and/or limited to the Bolt-On Wall Mount, Pole Mount, Angle Mount, Angle-Molt-On Wall Mount, and Bolt-On Roof Mount.

Our Bolt-On Wall Mounts is great for mounting your flag and/or pole set to a wall or fence. This hardware is a great alternative to a standard mount; it works with our 3pc, 4pf or Carbon Fiber pole kit. These mounts are also good for freeways and tall buildings. This mount DOES NOT work for small 8’ (6’ flag) pole kits. Bolt-On Wall mounts are 12” inches tall and 4” inches wide, each base weighs 5lbs each. Each wall mounts are 1.16” diameter. This mount must be bolted into the wall.

Pole Mounts is a straight pole mount that can be set up with heavy-duty clamps to attach to light poles, fences or other fixtures. This mount DOES NOT work for small 8’ (6’ flag) pole kits. Pole mounts are 9” inches tall and 1” inches wide, each base weighs 3lbs each.

Angle Mounts will function the same way as pole mounts as you can use any heavy duty clamps to attach this mount to light poles, fences or other fixtures. This mount is great if you want to setup your flag at an angle; it works great on the side of streets or highways. This mount DOES NOT work for small 8’ (6’ flag) pole kits. Pole mounts are 9” inches tall and 2” inches wide, each base weighs 3lbs each.

Angle Bolt-On Mounts function like angle mounts but this mount must be bolted into the wall. Angle Bolt-On Mounts are 9” inches tall and 2” inches wide, each base weighs 5lbs each.

Bolt-On Roof Mounts is a great way to guarantee everyone will see your flag. This roof mount can be added to any solid surface and bolted on for security. Bolt-On Roof Mounts are 12” inches tall and 4×8” inches wide, each base weighs 5lbs each.


Travel Bags – $20 | Purchase Link

Feather Flag Travel Bags

Our travel bags are used for the following kits: 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 15ft, 16ft, and 17ft feather flag kits. Our travel package Does NOT Fit Pre-Curved poles, only ONE feather flag kit is able to fit into each travel bag.

Feather Flag Tie Down Clip

Tie Down Clips – $4 | Purchase Link

Tie-down clips are made to help secure your flag or banners to your pole kits. For all our feather flags there is a string that hangs from the flag. If you want to secure this string you need a tie-down clip. The black clip comes with one screen with a wing nut, silver clip, and black attachment. Our tie-down clips weigh 1lb per clip.

According to Wikipedia:

 Vector graphics is the use of geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves, and shapes or polygon(s), which are all based on mathematical expressions, to represent images in computer graphics.

In laymen turns, a vector file is an indestructible graphic that allows you to resize your image without losing any quality in the process. The file format you choose will directly affect the quality of your flag. For commercial printing ALWAYS use a vector format for your artwork. The difference between raster and vector file formats is obvious once an image is scaled to a larger size. For example:

Raster vs Vector Graphics

In this image, you will notice that the raster image on the left will pixelate and/or distort when your print your feather flags. The image on the right is considered high-quality and won’t distort no matter the size of the flag or image. There are several vector file formats, the most common are:

  • EPS (Encapsulated PostScript): Encapsulated Postscript Vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator) EPS is a file extension for a graphics file format used in vector-based images in Adobe Illustrator. EPS stands for Encapsulated PostScript. An EPS file can contain text as well as graphics.
  • Adobe Illustrator (AI): Adobe Illustrator’s native format is an AI file that is created by Adobe systems. It is short for Adobe Illustrator Artwork file. AI files are vector-based graphics contained on a single page.
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG): An SVG file is a graphics file that uses a two-dimensional vector graphic format created by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). It describes images using a text format that is based on XML. The SVG format is an open standard developed under the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), with Adobe playing a major role.

Lastly, keep an EPS version of your logo for future use. The EPS file format is the most widely used, accepted and support vector file format used.

The colors that you see on your computer and cellphones aren’t the same color that prints. Many people often ask “Please explain CMYK vs RGB to me, I don’t understand.  Why can’t you make the color match my computer screen!”

RGB Color Mode

RBG stands for red, green and blue; this color mode is used for digital mediums such as televisions, computer screens, and cellphones. Your computer monitors and other RGB displays (i.e. cellphone, television) will display your color with a combination of red, green and blue light. These lights create bright and vibrant colors with a neon “glow”.

CMYK Colors

CMYK stand for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black; this mode is used for printing material such as feather flags, flyers and brochures. To make color in CMYK you have to physically mix different amounts of C,M,Y and K ink to create the desired color. It’s liken to painting and the colors will differ between RGB and CMYK colors.

Pantone colors is a Pantone Matching System (PMS) based on CMYK to print standardized colors across many business and industries. This system is used across the United States to identify specific colors, match colors or guarantee the use of a color.

Custom Design, Production Time & Lifetime Value

Every company creates and/or produces feather flags differently. When it comes to customization, production and how long feather flags last – each company varies. Let’s dive into the differences and what you can do about it.

Custom Design Time

Custom feather flags design phase is based on (1) whether you’re creating the design yourself or (2) you want us to design the flag at Feather Flag Nation. If you’re a designer you can download our templates HERE. If you want us to design your feather flag in-house it typically takes 1-2 hours to complete the initial design. After we finish the first version our design team will go back and forward via rounds until you’re satisfied with your artwork.

Production Time

After you’ve (1) completed your design and (2) placed your order, it’s time for production. Production is the process of printing your feather flags; this typically takes 2-3 business days. After production, your order will be shipped via UPS, FedEx or DHL.

Lifetime Value

Your feather flags will last up to a year, anytime after 12 months and the flags start the natural detrition process.

Setting up a feather flag can get confusing depending on the size, the number of poles, and tip styles. Let us show you how to set up a feather flag. In short, most of them will require you to telescope from the thickest to the thinnest piece.  Dimples or black insert pieces on the edges will lock poles into place.

How to Setup Feather Flag

Other Names for Feather Flags

Here is a list of the most common feather flag names:

  • Advertising Flags
  • Swooper Flags
  • Flutter Flags
  • Blade Flags
  • Sail Flags
  • Bow Flags
  • Teardrop Flags
  • Tall Flags
  • Quill Flags
  • Banner Flags
  • Yard Signs


Feather flags are the wave of the future! These marketing materials can be brought at a low price and displayed for up to a year plus.
Send us your design and let our talented design pros create a beautiful customer feather flag for you. If your budget doesn’t allow for a custom flag, don’t worry. We have over 600 stock flags that meet all styles and budgets. Our promotional flags are created quickly with proofs available in hours and shipping within days. When you choose Feather Flag Nation, you’re choosing to work with a company that takes pride in excellent work at value prices.
Have any questions? Contact Us! Send us an email at or give us a call at 1 (877) 900-5692. We are open M-F from 8am-4:30pm PST

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