Everything You Need To know About Custom Flags

Custom Flags

Getting a custom flag to advertise your business is easy! Here at Feather Flag Nation, we offer different style options as well as different sizes to help fit what you need. 

What Style Custom Flags Do we Offer?

The styles that we offer for our custom flags are feather flags, standard size flags, teardrop flags, and rectangle flags

All flags listed above can be made as a single or double-sided flag. The most popular style and the way we recommend is to get the flag double-sided. That way no matter where your potential customer is coming from, they will be able to read the flag correctly.

Some of you reading this may think you don’t necessarily need a double-sided flag, but are worried about the backside of the single-sided flags? Nothing to worry about because you will be able to see the design on the back, the design is just going to be reversed and a little lighter. Think about writing on a piece of paper with a sharpie. 

Add Ons for your Custom Flag

All of our custom feather, rectangle, and teardrop flags have the option of choosing a pole sleeve color. We currently have the options of white (free), black ($1), and red ($1.50).  The pole sleeve is extra material sewn onto the flag where the poles slide into. Just keep in mind that if your flag is red, the reds may not match because it is a different material sewn onto the flag.

Now you may be thinking, what about the standard size flags? Our custom standard flags have the option of a pole sleeve and/or grommets. Grommets are sometimes used instead of a pole sleeve because the flag may be hung by strings or rope. 

Pole Styles

Feather Flag Pole Options

Most of our feather flags sizes give you the option to choose which style pole kit. The only sizes that the option is not available for are the two smallest flags, the 5ft flag,6ft kit, and the 6ft flag,8ft kit. These sizes only have the option for the fiberglass poles. 

Both pole kits will look and do the exact same thing, the only difference is the fiberglass pole kit fits into our travel bag. This is good for when you are moving your flag often such as real estate agents. Essentially, either pole kit works perfectly fine. 


Teardrop flags only have the option for the fiberglass pole kit. This is due to the way the flag is shaped, the pre-curved pole just doesn’t work.

rectangle flag with poles 1

Rectangle flags are a little different than the rest. They do not use either pole kit shown above. Rectangle flags have an aluminum pole kit specifically for them. 

If you choose to include hardware with your standard size flag, you will receive this 2 piece pole set and the wall mount. This is perfect if you want to hang the flag outside your home or office building. 

All custom flags except the standard size flags will come with a pole string at the bottom. This string is used as extra security for your flag. Depending on the pole kit and style flag you choose, this string may just hang there. 

If you choose to go with the pre-curved pole kit, it will not come with a tie-down clip. Thus, the string will just hang. If you choose to do the fiberglass pole kit, this kit will come with a tie-down clip.

This clip is NOT necessary for assembly.

Looking at the same picture above, you’ll notice each flag has a different base. The base styles that we carry are ground spikes, cross base, flat base, and car/SUV wheel base.  

The ground spike is what most people use because it can go into the grass or dirt. The cross base is the next most popular base used. The cross base and flat base are used on flat surfaces such as concrete or indoors. And finally, the wheelbase, you can roll your tire over and it adds weight so your flag doesn’t fall over.  


Now that you know the different style flags that we have, as well as the finishing, pole options, and mounting hardware it’s time to get started on your custom flag!


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