How to Order a Custom Flag Online

How to Order a Custom Flag Online

What can a Standard Flag be Used for & How to Order One Online

At Feather Flag Nation, we offer quality custom printed standard flags. Our most popular size is the 3×5 flag, but we offer other sizes as well!

Standard flags are different from our feather or teardrop flags, as they can be used for more than just advertising! Standard flags can be used for businesses, colleges, students, homes, festivals, and more! They make great gifts as well. 

Standard flags can be hung indoors or outdoors from poles, hooks, nails, etc. This gives them the advantage over our other outdoor advertising flags, as these ones don’t need any hardware! If you have a place where you can tape/nail/hook the flag on, you’re good to go!

We do sell the hardware for these standard custom flags if you prefer to put it on a pole. You can check out our standard flag hardware by clicking here.

Standard Flag Options

We offer our standard flags in 4 different sizes:

With these sizes, you can choose whether or not you want your flag single or double-sided. Not sure the difference? Click here!

Our 3×5 size is the most popular size. All of our in-stock standard flags are the 3×5 size. This size is common across other sign businesses as well and is commonly used throughout the country. While we offer other sizes as well, you can’t go wrong with this popular 3×5 size!

Requesting a Proof

The first step in getting a custom flag made is sending in a FREE design request! If you go to our custom 3×5 page, there will be an option to request a free proof. We do all the designing for you, so no worries there!

If you know how to design your flag and prefer to do your own artwork, you can download our templates here!

When thinking of your design, there are a few things to take into consideration.

First, think about the colors you’d like to use. Colors that pair well together include blue/yellow, red/yellow, green/yellow, blue/white, etc. It’s good to use colors that contrast easily with each other so you don’t have to worry about the text getting lost in the background. 

Second, think about what you want your flag to say. We can use logos or images as well, just be sure to provide us with the highest quality image or logo that you have so we can make sure you won’t have pixelation on your flag.

Once you’ve considered your design, you can send in your request and we’ll do the rest! You can always ask your designer for changes as well if they are needed. We do up to 4 proof changes for free.

How to Purchase Your Custom Flag

Once you’ve finalized your design, it’s time to place an order! Let’s go through the steps on how to order:

Choose the Size for Your Flag

Step One:

First, you need to choose the size of the flag  you’ll be ordering. Usually, it’s the same size as the proofs you’ve been working on, but you can always change your size when ordering if there’s something you like better! Just click on whatever size you need to proceed to the next step.

Step Two:

Once you choose the size you’d like, you will be taken to the ordering page. From there, you can choose whether or not you’d like your flag to be single or double-sided. With single-sided flags, you can still see the design on the backside, it’ll just appear reversed and a little bit lighter. Double-sided flags are two flags sewn together with a mesh in the middle. 

Single or Double Sided
Pole Sleeve or Grommets

Step Three:

Next, choose whether or not you need grommets or a pole sleeve on your flag. All of our in-stock flags have 2 grommets on the left side. This will be selected by default as it is the most popular method. If are putting your flag on a pole, a pole sleeve may be a better option for you.

Step Four:

Once you’ve decided between grommets or a pole sleeve, you will be prompted to choose their position. If you choose grommets, you will get Option A. Grommets on the left is the most common position so that is what it is set to by default. You will be able to choose between left, right, top, bottom, or one in all 4 corners. 

If you choose the pole sleeve, you will be given Option B. You will have the same position options as the grommets. Once you’ve chosen your position, you will have the option to have the sleeve open on both sides, or to close off one end.

Grommet & Pole Sleeve Position
Adjusting the Quantity

Step Five:

Finally, you will have the ability to adjust the quantity of flags you need before adding them to your cart. You can use the + or – buttons to adjust the number, or you can type the number directly into the box. Once you’ve adjusted the quantity accordingly, you can click the “Add to Cart” button. Once you click that button, the page will refresh and you will be given an option to “View Cart” or “Proceed to Checkout”

If you choose to “View Cart” you will have the ability to see everything in your cart and their respected quantities. If you choose “Proceed to Checkout,” you will be sent straight to the payment page. You can still go back to “View Cart” and make adjustments if needed.

Production Time and Delivery

Once you submit payment, we will send a final proof for approval before putting your order into production. We ALWAYS require final approval before putting anything into production. This ensures we have the correct artwork and gives you one  more chance to double-check that your flag is perfect. 

Once we have approval, it takes 3 business days to produce 1-4 flags. The higher quantity of flags you have, the longer production time could take. 

Standard shipping takes roughly 3-6 business days depending on your location. If you need expedited shipping, let your designer know so they can get those costs for you. We do not offer expedited shipping directly through our website. 

Enjoy Your Flag!

Now that you’ve completed your design and ordered your flag, the only thing left is to sit back and enjoy it! Send us photos of your flag once you receive it to be featured on our Instagram!

Have additional questions on how to order a custom flag? Contact Us!

We take great pride in the quality of our products. All custom products are made in-house from our Riverside, CA location.

How to order a custom flag online


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