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Cheap Feather Flags & Custom Flags

Cheap Feather Flags Now Come with FREE Shipping

When it comes to spending money, all business owners know that every penny counts.  Finding cheap feather flags is not easy.  Most online retailers of banner flags and flutter flags are not the direct manufacturers.  The vendors will purchase flags from other companies and then mail them to you.  Unlike them, Feather Flag Nation produces and ships their own products.  We make our custom feather flags, custom vinyl banners, custom air dancers, and all of our other custom signs in house.  This means quick turn around times and tight quality control on all of our custom flags.  We will not outsource our custom work to China.  We believe in stimulating the USA economy.  If a vendor is advertising a 2 week delivery/turn around time, then it is highly likely that your product is being made in China.  If you are being charged an extremely low price, then your product is coming from overseas.  Custom products from China typically break within 1 to 2 months!

Stock Options for Cheap Feather Flags

Feather Flag Nation carries over 600 stock banner flag designs to choose from.  With such a huge variety, you can usually always find a flutter flag that will work for you.  If your business just opened and are on a budget, then our Now Open flag, Open or Grand Opening Feather Flag will be perfect for you.  Our special on kits is only $49.  This special includes 1 stock flag banner of your choice, 1 heavy duty flag pole kit, and 1 extra strong ground stake.  This setup allows you to easily install your kit into a grass or dirt location.   Upgrades are available for using the kit on solid surfaces, walls, roofs, and fences.

Feather Flag Nation provides complete outdoor advertising banner flag kits for only $49!

View our stock design categories.

Cheap Custom Feather Flags with your Graphics

We offer great deals on custom printed advertising flags and banners.  We offer both single-sided and double-sided custom flag prints.  Our print process is digitally done, therefore there are no restrictions for your flag design.  Don’t go to places that only allow solid colored back grounds or restrict you to 3 or 4 colors.  We allow the use of live images, full color gradients, and anything else you would like to use on the flag.  Our prices will not increase based on design.  No hidden setup fees or other random charges.  Simply pay the advertised price and shipping costs from our company to your door. We will create a custom flag design proof for you for free.  No purchase required!

We have many other style and shapes of  custom flags  available as well.  See what works for your home or business.

We offer USA made custom feather flags and banner flags. Fast turn-around times at everyday low prices! Check our main page for specials.

Discussion Summary

When you are looking for cheap feather flags, it is important to make sure you are still getting a high quality product.  Otherwise, you will be making a repurchase sooner than later.  Feather Flag Nation offers high quality feather flag pole kits, ground spikes, and stock flags.  Our flutter flags are made for long term outdoor use under standard weather conditions (taking the banner flag kits indoors during severe weather is highly advised).

When purchasing custom feather flags, always beware of the prices.  If the deal seems to be too good, then something is wrong!  Lots of companies will collect your money and mail you a feather flag kit that breaks within a few days.  Long turn around times for custom swooper flags or banner flags usually means overseas production.  Stay away from these companies!  We can get you your custom flags or banners to within 2 days (rush fees and express shipping costs do apply).  Our standard turn around time on custom flags and vinyl banners is 1 to 3 business days. Courier transit time would be an additional 2 to 5  business days.


-Sam, Sales Manager

Thank you for taking the time to visit this post.  If you have any questions, you can reach me directly at 877-900-5692.  Or email us at


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