Cheap Double-sided Custom Flags – High Quality Polyester flags

High Quality, Cheap, Double-sided Custom Flags

We print, cut, cure, process, finish, pack, and ship our custom flags at our Riverside, CA location.  Yes, the whole process is done in the USA, which allows for quality control — resulting in better quality products.  We are the home of high quality cheap double-sided custom flags.

Feather Flag Nation has a variety of custom flag options for everyone to choose from.  Each and every one of our double-sided flags is made by printing two polyester flags and sewing them back to back with a liner in the middle. One side will not be visible to the other.

I’ll briefly go over some of the custom flags that we have to offer you.

Feather Flags

First of all, our signature Feather Flags! These flags come in varying sizes. Feather flags are great to get noticed from a distance and are also good for any location that is limited to horizontal space. These flags take only vertical space, allowing them to be mounted in crowded areas. Our feather flags stand from 6ft to 17ft depending on the size you choose!

We have a variety of stock feather flags however, you can visit the custom feather flags page by clicking here.  With many sizes to choose from, one is bound to work for your business or event.  We can even custom craft these flags at multiple sizes for any location. Purchase an aluminum pole kit for easy setup and a strong lightweight pole-set to hang these from.

Teardrop Flags

Next up, the teardrop flag. This paddle-shaped flag banner is perfect for trade-shows, booths, and all indoor events. Due to the shape of this flag, it’s always open.

Teardrop flags come in three different sizes:  small (8.5 feet overall), medium (10.5 feet overall), and large (14 feet overall). Custom teardrop flags are great for short term use at events or festivals. Due to the paddle shape, they do tend to pick up a lot of wind so make sure to plan accordingly to use on less windy days.

Custom Standard 3x5 Flags

The third is a classic. We have a variety of different square and rectangle-shaped standard custom flags.  These are flags that are sewn all around and finished with either grommets or a sleeve to use on an existing pole or wave around with your hand. We allow you to choose from a single or double-sided custom flag however, double-sided custom flags are recommended most of the time. This allows you to display your graphics to traffic from both sides or a different graphic on each side. Brand properly and order double-sided flags!

Rectangle Flags

Finally, our rectangle flags. These flags are also always open, regardless of winds. We have 4 different sizes to choose from, which allows you to use these custom rectangle flags indoors or outdoors. Great for simple logos and text.

Click here for more details and prices on these custom flags.

For other styles of custom flags, be sure to visit our website by going to the following or click here.

Call us with any questions at 877-900-5692.  Email:

Above all, making custom flags is our specialty.  We’ve been producing these flags in-house for over a decade so you know that quality is a high priority for us at Feather Flag Nation. Order a custom flag with us and we will work with you to design a flag you need for your business or personal use. We won’t outsource overseas for a lesser product and you should not settle with a company that does either. Purchase from us if you are looking for high quality cheap double-sided custom flags.


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