Cheap Feather Flags in Miami Florida 2020

Outdoor Advertising Flags are Booming in Florida

Feather Flags are hot hot hot in Florida. Miami is one of the premier locations in the U.S. to display feather flags. Luckily, our most popular flags are our stock ones and they come very cheaply for those on a budget. With over 600 stock flag designs to choose from, you are bound to find something that will work for your business.  Click Here to visit our stock flags category section. Afterward, simply click the category that is closest to your business and browse the available flags. Our $49 stock kits sale comes with a stock design of your choice and a feather flag pole with a ground spike.

Why Florida is a Popular Location for Feather Flags

Florida is a destination with a lot of festivals, concerts, trade shows, business conventions, and it also has tens of thousands of businesses throughout the different major cities. With so many different events happening in the major cities, such as Miami — lots of outdoor advertising materials are needed. Most of our clients from Florida are organizers of large events, therefore they require properly branded flags that create eye-catching decor but at the same time get their promotion noticed. Our flutter flags stand 14 ft. high to really stand out from the competition and can brighten up any dull area.

We Work with You!

Our professional design team has created thousands of custom feather flags and vinyl banners for clients in Florida. Due to our excellent customer service and high-quality products, we have a very high customer retention rate for both our custom banner flags and stock items. Work together with our team step by step to get your vision onto your products for all of your customers to see.

Let's Go Outdoors!

Using the breeze to your advantage! Nothing is prettier about a flag than when it’s blowing in the wind. Is your business in a windy area? Get noticed with your very own feather flags swaying in the natural breeze of the area. Our feather flag kits are made to work with the weather so you won’t have to worry about them rolling up or blowing away. These particular flags are called flutter flags and work best at a slant for maximum exposure.

Feather Flags Everywhere!

Here at Feather Flag Nation, we have a flag for every occasion and every setting. Our feather flags can be planted into soft ground or grass via our ground spikesOr they can be placed on hard cement via our cross base or flat base hardware. Scared your flag will get knocked over? Check out our weight donut to secure your flag from the toughest conditions, simply add water.

How Can I Order a Custom Flag?

Ordering a custom flag is so easy it’ll spin your head around. First of all, simply click here to choose the item you want to customize. Once you are on the page, you can select from a variety of flags, tube men, and banners. Afterward, you can provide the specifics of how you want it to be customized. Feel free to submit a file of a design you have or just write out an idea you have our designers will come up with something for you and you can see how you like it. Once you are done, continue to check out. We offer both single-sided and double-sided feather flags. Double-sided flag prints are always recommended!

More Cheap Advertising Options for Florida!

We also offer custom rectangle flag prints. We can create 3×5, 4x8ft, and other rectangle sizes flag and vinyl banner prints. Also, our vinyl banners are low cost and usually ship within 1 business day. Making huge impressions at low-costs is very important, and these banners do just that. They are extremely versatile because you can use them at a trade-show one day, your outdoor booth another, and then mount it back outside your business the day after. Here’s a link to a Wikipedia article on vinyl banners for more information on the material.

Inflatable Tube Men!


Finally, the greatest form of advertising of them all, the inflatable tube man. These babies dance through the crowds like it’s a Saturday night at the club. First of all, they come in multiple sizes from 8 to 22 feet tall. Next, they are fully customizable. Have an idea for a tube man? Tell us about it and we’ll see if we can make it happen. Finally, they’re affordable. Right now we have a special for 63% off. Our 20 ft inflatable tube man for only $299 or get a pack of 2 for only $448.50. That’s double the tube men for a fraction of the original price!

There you have it Florida, our feather flags may stand high but prices are down and we’re yelling timber. Feather Flag Nation has many options for advertising your business outside while everybody’s out having fun in the sun. Get noticed today with a flutter flag or inflatable tube man and ask about free shipping!

Feather Flags Miami –  We ship to all states within the USA and Canada. Feather Flag Nation is located in Riverside, California.

Have any questions? Contact Us! Send us an email at sales@featherflagnation.com or give us a call at 1 (877) 900-5692. We are open M-F from 8am-4:30pm PST


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