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5 Reasons You Should Use Custom Flags in Marketing And Advertising

Marketing your product or services can be one of, if not, the most difficult parts of running a business. How can you convince someone to start working with you in less than a few seconds? Well, there are many ways to do so, one method that has been very effective for businesses in the past is the use of custom flags. There are a wide variety of flag shapes and sizes that if used correctly can give your company a noticeable leg up! In this article, we’ll show you 5 reasons why you should use a custom flag for your establishment’s advertising, and how Feather Flag Nation (FFN) can help you successfully market yourself.

1: The Variety of Shape Options

When you think of a “flag” you usually think of a simple 3×5 flag, like the American Flag. However, there are so many more options than just that. There are feather flags, shark fin flags, teardrop flags, rectangle banners, Wind Wavers, and more. There are many different size options! You could get a 2×3 standard flag, a 12ft feather flag, or even a 10×10 vinyl banner. So, there are plenty of options weather you have a very small or very large space to work with. But making use of that space can be difficult,  FFN can also help in this case.

2: Unique Designs That Will Match Your Branding


There are many places where you could purchase pre-made flags, though they may not have the right font, color, or general elements you would like to match your business’s current look. Custom flags help eliminate that issue, as our team of graphic designers can help personally design it to correspond with your branding. A fully custom flag, a flag with a completely original design, isn’t fully necessary in every situation though. So we also offer a semi-custom flag option, where you can choose a design based on a pre-made flag we have in stock. This way you can make just minor edits such as changing colors, fonts, or adding graphics. At our website featherflagnation.com, we offer a wide selection of pre-made, ready-to-ship, in-stock flags for multiple occasions. Such as Now Open, Car Wash, Sale, Storage, Holiday, Festival, and many other flags. 

3: Make Your Business Feel More Unique


In today’s modern digital age, many businesses focus on their online presence more than their physical one. It is a valid route to take, but it can leave the real world feeling somewhat bare. With a custom flag, your establishment can stand out a lot more. Seeing a large feather flag or an inflatable tube man can leave much more of an impression than just an ad on the phone. It’s also much more difficult to ignore.

4: They're Good For Decoration

Indoor Banners in a Store

Flags can even be helpful within your store, by leaving a good impression on your customers. Some different use cases can be to help label certain products, to give directions, show-off sponsorships, and help advertise other establishments. For example, in the past we had a customer who was running an auto show. They had used our flags to display the social media handles for the modifiers of each car. In this case, it can make your business more reliable as a place to show-off products as you can help advertise for others and properly credit them. Which can also make customers see you as morally responsible and trustworthy. In the case of being used purely cosmetically, it can make your store feel much more 3-dimensional. You could show-off deals or discounts and/or have interesting graphics to make the space feel more appealing to be in or look at. While it may be only on the inside, it can turn 1-time customers into regulars by making your venue feel both accessible and lively.

5. FFN Offers Affordable and Quality U.S. Made Flags

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To many interested in custom flags, they may default to going to the cheapest seller they can find. However, what those sellers do not tell you is that they outsource their labor to places outside the U.S. like China where labor is cheap. Or they do make it within the U.S. except they order it from other sellers like us. Unlike them, we produce our flags in house, and personally handprint and sow them. The cost of some of our products may seem too costly to some, nevertheless our online reviews from our customers prove that the price matches our quality. Not only that, but we have a customer service team dedicated to making sure you get the correct product for your situation. Additionally, we even offer certain deals for our customers to get special discounts. At the time of this blog’s posting, we have deals like the BOGO deal. Where you can get 2 custom single-sided feather flags with 1 of them at 50% off. As well as the coupon code SAVEMONEY, which when applied at check out, provides free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. (excluding Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico). 

Custom Flags are a worthwhile investment for any company looking for new ways to market themselves. If they are well taken care of, they can last from 6-12 months. Some customers have even reported them lasting for over a year. Just make sure to take care of them by spot-clean them when dirty and bring them in during harsh weather. If you need to order again we savee all of our design files, so the process can move as efficently as possible. For any questions or inquiries about flags in general, or if you would like to place an order, you can email us at sales@featherglagnation.com or call us at (877)-900-5692.

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