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Renting vs Buying Inflatable Tube Men

Tube men are a very fun and popular product for business owners, and for those getting decorations for large events. But many of them can either be incredibly costly, or suspiciously cheap. For many, renting seems like the easiest option. You could get a high-quality tube man, temporarily, for an affordable price. But is that the best option long term? Or even the best for your purposes? Although we at Feather Flag Nation (FFN) do not offer renting options, we can still provide some insight as to the ins and outs of both options. In fact, you may even see why we do not offer renting options. We’ll breakdown each of the major reasons why one would want to do one or the other, as well as see which is better. 


Save money and time business

The most glaringly obvious difference between the two. It is incredibly clear that renting is superior in this aspect, at least at face value. Although the initial price is much smaller, the price can skyrocket depending on each companies’ policies. You may have to pay for taxes and shipping on top of the original price. In the event of an accident, and you would also have to cover that. Many people don’t plan for accidents when making purchases, even though they happen almost every day. Damage can occur during transportation. Someone tripping on a wire could cause it to break out of its socket, and pets or children may play with it regardless of instruction. In these situations, the cost of these additional expenses could leave you having to pay almost full price, or even more! 

Outside of any accidents, if the event is something that may happen again, it would be cheaper overall to purchase the full tube man from the beginning. Or if the design in generic enough, you may be able to use it in many different occasions in the future. Additionally, there may be some coupon codes or deals specific to fully priced items, which means you could be missing out on a chance to get a better product. For example, at the time of this blog’s writing there are two deals available. The fist is the Bogo deal, where you could order 2 custom 20ft tube men with 1 of them at 50% off. The second, being the coupon code “SAVEMONEY”, which when applied to an order over $100 dollars, you get free shipping within the US (excluding Canada, Alaska, and Puerto Rico). Unfortinutly, these 2 deals cannot be applied to the same order. To get access to more deals and coupon codes, you could sign up for our newsletter and get notified of new limited time deals.


Ravens Tube Men at the Stadium

Something not many buyers consider is that there is a difference between the rental products and full price products. When something like a tube man has already been used, there will likely be a few defects. These defects may not be noticed by the company, so you may receive a tube man with a faulty blower, or a small hole causing it to not inflate all the way. The design itself could also be changed, such as an additional tear, stain, blemish, or fade. Sure, it is possible to return it, and potentially get a refund, but that is a lot of waisted time and money. Full price items are much more likely to be in good condition for the simple reason that, they have not been used before. To some this may not be much of an issue. But for those looking for ways to
advertise their business, using the highest quality products possible is important to be recognized and trusted.


You may find that a seller’s rental options may not be exactly what you want. You may like the color, but not the design, or vis versa. Or you just want to be some slight tweaks to the text, like adding a name or logo. At FFN, we offer custom options, you could add your own design so it can be exactly how you want it. Additionally, we do not charge based off the design. So, you can use whatever colors or assets you’d like. This being something not possible for a rental option. Many people may try to order a stock item and try to customize it themselves, but this is not recommended as, in terms of visible quality, there is a clear difference when something is painted on and printed on.

In general. It is better for the customer’s sake to pay full price for an item. This is the reason we do not offer renting options, as it has a high chance of it being unhelpful for the business and the customer alike. The business having to rely of predatory policies to make a profit, and the customer having to settle for a sub-par product hoping it will not be damaged or lost. With the addition of potential coupons and customization options, the investment of buying a tube man is the far better option. It’s also the simplest option, you just pay for it and go. No late fees, damage fees, or recuring charges. For those searching for a place to shop for tube men, as wells a variety of flags, feather flags, banners, and signs, check out our store at There you can purchase, both in-stock and custom items, as well as their hardware. Additionally, FFN’s flags are made hand printed and sown using high quality materials all in the U.S. 

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