Car Dealership Feather Flags 101 A Complete Guide Feather Flag Nation

Car Dealership Feather Flags 101 A Complete Guide

Why Feather Flags?

Purchasing a car for a lot of people can be a difficult process. As a dealership, weather you’re selling new or used cars, helping the average person understand and work through that process is your main goal.  But getting the word out in an affective way can be challenging, especially when you are competing with the other dealers in your area. So we at Feather Flag Nation (FFN) have compiled a list of our best products for your situation, what each one brings to the table, and the Dos and Don’ts of the ordering process in general. 

General Tips

To get started, regardless of what product you’re ordering, here are some basic tips to make the process go as smoothly as possible for you and our team of designers. On our website,, when you place an order or a free design request you are given a forum where you can send us your design instructions as well as any files you would like us to use as reference. If you are not sure what to put exactly, here are the 2 things to keep in mind to help you get started: 

        Color: Some colors have to be altered slightly in order to print accuetly, due to the dicrempances between the color seen digitally, the colors the printers are able to print, and how those colors appear on different materials. So if you would like us to use a very specific color, we recommend providing a CMYK color code or a Pantone. For those that are unfamiliar, just search the color you want online, and you should be able to find a corresponding or at least similar CMYK or Pantone code. But if you are unsure which color you’d like, we can provide proofs for a variety of color options so you can choose which one(s) you like the most.

        Graphics: This just refers to any images used on the flags, such as logos or pictures. We have access to a library of high-quality images and graphics, but if you would like to provide something specific like a logo, just make sure the file is in vector format. This is a file that ends in .ai, .eps, or sometimes a .pdf. If you do not have access to this type of file, just send us the highest quality image possible and our designers will do a logo recreation free of charge. 

Feather Flags

This is the product we specialize in and have the most experience with. We offer 7 size option, 5ft and 6ft flags made from our economy material, then 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, and 15ft flags made of a polyester blend. For even better protection, it’s best to order a double-sided flag. It is a bit more expensive, but they are made so the design is fully readable from booth directions. Additionally, the colors being on both sides helps make the color stronger and is more resistant from fading. We also offer some different shape options, from teardrop, to rectangle, to bladed, and to shark fin shaped flags. If you’re looking for a high quality and affordable flag, a feather flag might be your best bet. 

Vinyl Banners

If you would like something more wide than tall, then we have plenty of vinyl banner options for you to choose from. They can also match almost any budget due to their wide range of sizes. From just 2×2, to a 10×10 flag you could use a vinyl banner is almost any situation. Their vinyl material is also very durable and reflective, so they are easy to spot but hard to tear. An option that is quicker to set up would be our roll-up retractable banners made of the same material. Their sizes options are 48”x80”, 36”x80”, or 33”x80”. To set them up all you need to do is set them down, grab the handle, and pull them up. 

Standard Flags

These are rectangular and come in both economy and premium materials for any of their 3 sizes. Their sizes being 2×3, 3×5, and 5×8. Economy prints specialize in showing finer details but are a much weaker material than the premium print. Premium flags are hand made with a liner in the middle, providing it with more durability. They could last 6-12 months, or even more if they are protected from heavy weather, high temperatures, and are spot cleaned often [what is spot cleaning?]The Premium prints can withstand being on poles over 10ft off the ground and can be put on a moving vehicle. A benefit that standard flags have over vinyl banners is that they can be flown in the air. So if you already have a pole flying your country’s flag, under it you could put a flag representing your company. They’re much more light weight than our other options so they are also much easier to transport from place to place. 

Inflatable Tube-Man

For those who can put in the investment, this is one of the best products when it comes to grabbing people’s attention. Some call it a sock-puppet, tube-dancer, balloon-dancer, but no matter what people call it everyone can recognize it. It’s a fun, silly, and affective way to send a message. It’s also very noticeable to drivers due to their size and how they move. We sell them at 3 different sizes, 6ft (8ft w/blower), 10ft (12ft w/ blower), and 18ft (20ft w/blower). They do come with some downsides, most noticeably the price. Additionally, they must be always plugged in. But regardless of the downsides, it’s one of those things that you just can’t miss. Even if it’s just seen for a few seconds, those few moments can leave a great impression on possible new customers.  

After comparing all our products, decide which ones you would like, and send a design request or place an order, you can have faith in our design team to make your vision come true. They are dedicated to making sure your product is always to your liking. Regularly sending proof and updates on the design, responding quickly, asking questions, answering questions, and making sure you’re ordering thee right product for your situation. After the order is place, they will send one last proof to confirm everything is correct, one approved, then our production team will print, hand sow, and assemble everything necessary. FFN is your best bet for a quality custom flag and excellent customer service to boot. 

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