Design Request Guide!

Have you ever been on our website and noticed the design request forms? Well they are exactly what they sound like! A design form is an easy “before your purchase” way to see what you are getting.  We have a design team ready to give you a helping hand. A design request can for any of our custom items.  Our most popular, for example, is located on top of the main page.  Clicking on that button will take you to a form like page. There you can select the size on the drop down menu. Then your eyes should follow the next drop down: single or double sided. This doesn’t set anything in stone. It’s just for our designers to know how we need to create your art.  From there it will ask you to explain your vision.  Say you want a flag for your ice cream shop. Let us know what colors you are thinking you want to see. Think about what you want it to a say.  Are there any images you want featured?  Perhaps you are a nail salon shop and you want a photo of professional nail art.  We can help with that. Our team has access to Shutterstock, so getting quality images shouldn’t be too hard. Unless is specific photos, then you should send over the best and highest resolution photo you can get a hold of.  If you have a logo you need to add on to your proof, you may send over its vector format.  That ensures the best printing quality and allows our designers edit colors.  That’s our favorite format because it allows our team to make sure your color will print out as expected. You won’t believe how many times customers come back to purchase another flag because they did not want to take the recommended colors. Blues are too purple while the reds are too orange. I think it’s better to trust the professionals with these things.


So if you have those vector files, often found in PDF, AI or EPS format, send them over. Even if you cannot open those specific files! Chances are those are exactly what we needed. There’s even a spot on the design request form for you to attach either that really good image or the special logo files!  Even if the files are too big for the form, you can wait until a designer reaches out.  We even accept file through third party transfer services like we transfer. Once you got that out of the way, make sure to provide us with good contact information. Our main point of contact is through email. We will send you the design proof through there and ask you questions. Once you are happy with your design, we will send you a link to purchase. Almost guarantee our team will send you back to the website. All orders are processed through there.  Just know you will not see your custom image on the website. is mainly for design requests and payments. Once we get the fully paid order, your designer will connect everything back to the design request contact information! It’s all a full circle.

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