Three Unique Marketing Tactics to Get Attention to Your Business

3 Unique Marketing Tactics to Get Attention for Your Business

3 Unique Marketing Tactics to Get Attention to your Business

Marketing is one of the hardest parts of owning a business and is one of the most important parts as well. With everything else you have to do as a business owner,  marketing may be at the bottom of your list. This is where Feather Flag Nation can step in and help take some of that marketing burden off of your shoulders! 

For this blog, we are going to show you 3 unique marketing tactics to use to help gain more attention to your business. All business owners should have a good understanding of how to successfully advertise for their needs. Outdoor signage is one of the most popular ways to advertise, and what we will be discussing today.

What are the Strategies Required to Attract Customers?

There are a variety of strategies and unique marketing tactics you can use to attract people to your business. Think about places you’ve gone to or purchased from based solely on their advertisement. What about that particular ad that made you want to buy from them? 

Was it the text, colors, or language they used? Or was it more about the products offered? Would you have purchased from them had you not seen the advertisement? 

These are the same things you should keep in mind when considering advertising for your business or store. Whenever you do any kind of marketing for your business, you should be considering what makes people want to purchase from you. You should always use unique marketing tactics to help yourself stand out from your competitors and bring more people into your store. 

When advertising for your business, it’s good to know who you’re advertising for. What is your target audience? Those are the people you should be directing your ads to.

Target Audience

If your business sells kitchenware, your target audience is likely people in their mid-20s and up, as those are the people in the market for kitchenware. So, when advertising for this kitchenware company, you should use wording and design that would be appealing to an older audience. If your language sounds unprofessional or uses a lot of slang, older customers may be less likely to purchase from you.

It’s also important to make sure your marketing branding is consistent. You want to make sure when people see your advertisements, there is some similar element throughout. This could be with the use of colors, font choice, verbiage, or just having your logo prominent throughout. 

Being consistent and having easily recognizable branding will not only make your company more reputable but also help potential customers remember your business. 

What are the Most Effective Strategies for Promoting a Business?

Being strategic doesn’t mean you can’t also be creative. Unique marketing tactics are going to be what helps you stand out from your competition and other businesses around you. A great example of unique marketing tactics is using custom outdoor signage to your advantage. 

Businesses that use feather flags or inflatable dancing tube men are at the advantage over companies that don’t. Custom flags allow for a new level of advertising that things such as flyers or billboards may not. 

The average driver spends 5-10 seconds looking at billboards. This also reigns true for other types of outdoor signage around. But that also means you have a small window to make a good impression. 

Billboards, while large and viewed by a large number of people, aren’t always the best forms of advertising for your needs. Billboards are expensive and only displayed for a particular period of time, depending on how much you spend. Once the billboard is taken down, potential customers may forget about your business. 

Using custom feather flags or inflatable tube men is better because you get to choose where the signs go, how long they stay up for, and what they say. Unlike billboards, once you’ve purchased your custom outdoor signage, you don’t need to pay a monthly fee to keep it up!

You can use custom outdoor signage for your marketing purposes by advertising sales, specials, new items, and more! They’re great for drawing in attention and spreading awareness for your brand. Similar to billboards, you get to control the message as well.

While yes, billboards may have more room to work with as far as design goes, custom outdoor signage has more room to work with as far as location. Since you own the signs, you get to choose where they go and for how long they stay there. So that means you can advertise longer for less money!

Let’s talk about some forms of custom outdoor signage that Feather Flag Nation has to offer you!

Feather Flags

Custom signs are a great unique marketing tactic that is easy for you to attain! As our namesake would suggest, we specialize in feather flags. At FFN, we have a variety of over 600 in-stock feather flags to choose from, along with the ability to make custom feather flags!

For our in-stock feather flags, the flags are 12ft tall and stand at 15ft on their hardware. They will be single-sided prints, but you can still see the design on the backside, it will just appear reversed and a little bit lighter.

While our stock flags are great for any business, our custom feather flags do have the advantage. Our custom feather flags can be made as single or double-sided prints and customized to your exact specifications as we have nearly no design limits!

Since we use a digital printing method, you can use whatever colors, logos, images, text, etc that you’d like. We will always let you know if something may not print correctly. Since custom feather flags can be double-sided prints, you can even have two messages on one flag.

For our double-sided flags, it will be two flags printed out and sewn together with a block-out mesh in the middle. This ensures your design won’t shine through to the other side. This even means you can have a white background with black text and it won’t be visible on the other side of the flag.

You can download our templates here and create your own design, or you can fill out our free design request here and one of our talented designers will create a proof for you!

Custom Flags

Along with using custom feather flags for unique marketing tactics, we also offer custom 3×5 flags as well! These are great for businesses that have a flag pole outside their location. They can even be hung indoors or used with one of our pole kits and wall mount to easily install on your building. 

Just like our feather flags, our custom 3×5 flags can be single or double-sided prints. These flags work great as a location marker for your building. A popular design we see is companies wanting flags with their logos on them to help mark their location in a plaza or busy street. 

Since this custom flag is smaller than our feather flags, it may be better for businesses in busier locations that don’t allow for a lot of room on the street. 

We also have a smaller selection of in-stock 3×5 flags to choose from, although there are not as many as our feather flags.

Inflatable Tube Man

One of the more unique marketing tactics we offer here at Feather Flag Nation is our inflatable dancing tube men. These wacky waving dancers are a popular form of outdoor advertising that can be used to quickly and easily grab the attention of people walking or driving by.  

We offer completely custom inflatable tube men complete with their air blowers! We have 3 distinct sizes for our custom tube men, and just like everything else we offer, these dancers have no design limits! Our tube men have been used for everything imaginable and are a great form of advertising for your business.

Our largest tube man is 18ft tall, standing at 20ft on its blower. This tube man is the perfect size to be seen over other businesses’ signage, cars, traffic lights, and more. And with the tube man’s constant movement and dancing, attracting attention is what they do best. 

Our tube men are made from a patented polymesh material that holds up better than the cheap nylon material used by our competitors. Our patented material allows for direct printing onto the tube man. This means your letters won’t flake or fray off over time.

Just like with our custom feather flags and custom 3×5 flags, we also have a variety of in-stock tube men to choose from! We have a collection of 18ft in-stock tube men along with a smaller selection of 6ft in-stock tube men to choose from. These tube men are available by themselves and with the blower, meaning you can swap them out just like you can with our flags!

Get Custom Outdoor Signage Today!

Now that we’ve discussed the different unique marketing tactics you can use, it’s time to get to work! Visit Feather Flag Nation to see all of the outdoor advertising signs that we offer. 

We offer FREE design services for all of our custom products, but also have templates available for download here if you prefer to do your own design. 

All custom products are made in-house from our Riverside, CA location. 

Have additional questions about unique marketing tactics? Contact us!


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