What are Rectangle Flags?

Rectangle Flags

Have you ever been on our website and thought wow, there are so many options available!  That would be a true statement in our part.  We like to offer options for our customers because we know different projects require different products. If you are a regular with Feather Flag Nation, you know we love our flags. They are our bread and butter but like I said before, we carry a wide variety of flag types. So when we mention a flag, in general we mean feather flags, but know we also have teardrop flags, standard flags, and even rectangle flags! 

We consider all those flags the fun cousins to our feather flags. In fact, take the rectangle flags. Comparing to our feather flags, both are tall and in charge but with a slight difference. Instead of having a curved top piece, our rectangle flags have a straight 90 degree angle, cutting off the curved top piece. Creating a bit more space for the artwork, so if you are looking to maximize the space on your custom item, then consider a rectangle flags.

How are rectangle flags typically used?

Using a rectangle flag is not different than our other flags. Like we mentioned before, the only difference is a rectangle flag’s poles have a 90 degree angle, making it a perfect rectangle shape. 


Like our feather flags, rectangle flags come with their own kits: a base, poles and a flag. These are also in a good range of sizes for you to pick from if you are looking for custom rectangle flags.  Most commonly seen being used for new homes advertising, our rectangle flags can be used for anything. Great for indoor and outdoor use, rectangle flags also come with different base options. Their poles even fit on to our extra bases. Much like our car wheel base or even the tow-hitch! Rectangle hardware is mostly the same as a feather flag. Except the top part is a 90 degree angle, make it a windless flag. 

Is it only custom or is there stock?

If it is in your budget to get a sweet fully custom rectangle flag, then we suggest you go for it.  We always say, invest in yourself and your business. There is a great chance, you won’t regret it.  However, if you are in a pinch and need something right away, we do have some rectangle flags in stock.  Just know they are all the same size, 12ft flag for 15ft kits and single sided just like our feather flag stock items. We only have certain stock images in mind. So look through our library and see what we can provide you with. Even if you don’t see what you want, we can make rectangle flags as custom.

What are my size options?

Rectangle flags come in a good size range.  We offer custom rectangle flags in our mid-sizes.  From the smallest 6ft rectangle flag with 8ft kit to our 12ft rectangle  flag with our 15ft kit. It really depends on what you want to use your flag for.  For instance, if you are thinking about bringing your flag to a trade show or a convention, perhaps think about a smaller one. Maybe you need the rectangle flag to grab everybody’s attention.  Then we suggest you consider our biggest size.  Although our feather flags have a lot more sizes, our rectangle flags can easily be used for anything.


When working on your next project, consider Feather Flag Nation for your rectangle flag needs. See if we have the size you need or even ask us by calling 1-877-900-5692. Anyone in the office can help you.  Even if we can’t answer your questions right away we can always reach back out to you. Just leave us your name, call back number and an email.  We can’t wait to help you!

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