4 Ways Flags Can Help Boost Your Tax Business Sales

Tax season is now, weather you’re ready or not. Soon enough we all have to start looking for the missing papers we all swore we put in a safe place. Some of us will soon frantically start searching for someone reliable to get them done for us.  Regardless if you are tax payer or a tax preparer, we all got something look forward to this season! 

Just keep in mind everyone is in the same boat. So if you are looking for a freelance tax preparer, look for someone who is willing to invest into their business. A business who invests in itself, is a business worth trusting. Search for professionally made feather flags that advertise income tax services. Those are the good ones in our opinion. If you are a tax servicer, why not invest in yourself and get some custom advertising made for you and your business! We promise it’s an investment that’s worth it.  


Advertising with Custom Flags

When working as a tax servicer, you know there is a potential customer in every person you see. We feel like a great way to increase your foot traffic is simply to advertise yourself! Let people know you are open for business! Let them know what you do without spending too much time away from the most important tasks. Our feather flags do just that. We love to see our customers get the most of our flags. That’s why we have an in house design team to help you map out your vision!

Just reach out to our team or go onto our website to fill out a design request. From there you can wait until one of our designers reaches out via email. They do work through requests as they get receive them, so give them until the end of the day to get back to you. Once they do get back to you, the process is really easy from there. 

 There you can provide us with feedback. You want to add a photo, or you want to see it another color. As long as you communicate with us, there really isn’t anything you can’t place on your flag. With tax season rushing by, a custom feather flag will change the game for you. Just trust us!

Advertising with Stock Flags

If purchasing a custom feather flag is not in the books for you or you simply want the test the waters, we do have stock items for you!  With a variety already printed and ready to ship tax flags, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars right off the bat. You can buy from our stock items and see the effects it has on your seasonal tax business before investing in custom items. 

Although stock can do the job just right, we know a custom item shows everyone you are professional, thus influencing more customers to go with you.  However, we do understand there are budgets to be kept, so our stock selection is still a great option for you. We also carry some stock in our rectangle shapes if our feather flags aren’t what you were looking for.  We also have some bundles for you, some even contain our stock tax tube man!  The option is all yours!  


Where to place?

 We have come across customers who are only allowed to keep their flags up for a certain amount of time and that’s fine too.  A little time is better than no time. We have easy enough hardware to take down and put back up.  We just want you to be informed of your locations rules so you can get the most out of your investment.

Placing a feather flag is easy.  You just have to make notes of where you think will get the most attention.  Many like to use our feather flags as street markers, so placing in front of their store front is best.  Others like to place them where there’s the most foot traffic, often by the street. Of course, double check with your city if there are special rules you need to keep in mind.

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