A Step-by-Step Guide to Ordering Custom Products

Ordering custom items!

When ordering custom items, it is important to note some differences from ordering stock. For one, custom images will not be shown on the website. All orders are processed through our website and with the volume of orders we receive throughout the day, we cannot update each link with a custom image each time. Fear not, once the order gets to our team, they will connect all custom orders with your contact information. So when ordering makes sure all contact information remains the same, especially when you start off with a design request. After we connect all information back to your beautiful custom design, it is time for our team to make sure your order corresponds to what you purchased.

Are you new to our Feather Flag Nation family? Looking to order some awesome custom advertising tools? Read no further than this blog!  See how easy it is to purchase from Feather Flag Nation. Even if we are out of office, you can finish your order online. No need to call us during office hours if you don’t want to. All our orders are processed through our website. 

Double Sided vs Single Sided Custom Feather Flags

For instance, say your requested a design request asking for a double sided image. We comply and you say “Awesome, let’s buy it!” you then decide you prefer single sided because the price might look better! Sometimes customers aren’t paying much attention to what they are purchasing and that is okay.  It is our team’s job to make sure your art matches what your purchased.  That point we start to make order corrections on our end or simply reach out to you to make sure your order that is what you wanted. 

Our team does not print anything without your final approval. Once we connect all art back to you, our team will send out your final art file back to you. All you have to do is make sure all is correct.  That means spelling, colors, and smaller details. It’s always good to remember that our team can’t read minds, as much as they try. 

So once we receive your final approval, we assume you have done your part in reviewing and we are set to go into production!  Easy as replying I APPROVE to our email!  Sometimes our team has the best intentions and might be asking you questions. So make sure to keep an eye out for our responses. You’ll know your items are fully into production until you see the estimated ship out email from our team. 

At this point, you might want to make another mental note that our team only give out estimated ship out dates. Shipping time isn’t included in that time frame. So if we estimate production time will end on March 3rd and you live in Florida, it’s safe to assume you will get your items until 5 business days from that date. Our systems take almost a full day to update. So tracking will not be available until the following day.

 Once your items lease one of our two facilities, it in the UPS and USPS hands. Meaning we don’t have much control on their delays unfortunately. As much as we would love to hand deliver your pieces of art, we don’t have the time or the employees really. But, should you have any issues at all with your custom item, whether it is with delivery, or anything to do with your flags, call us! We might be able to help you, just give us a call or reach out via email. Feather Flag Nation is always waiting to help.

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