Feather Flags For Gyms

Custom Feather Flags to Help Your Gym Stand Out

Do you own a gym but need help advertising for it? Maybe you have group classes or special deals you want people to know about. At Feather Flag Nation, we have the solution for you! We pride ourselves in creating beautiful custom made feather flags, teardrop flags, rectangle flags, standard flags, and more!

Our flags can be used indoors or outdoors! Use them at during events, to direct people to different areas of the gym, or to let people driving by know what your gym has to offer.

Mounting Hardware Options

With our¬†feather flags, rectangle flags,¬†and¬†teardrop flags, we have lots of¬†mounting hardware¬†options. As I said earlier, you can use our flags indoors or outdoors, so let’s talk about the different¬†hardware options we offer.

Cross Base

The¬†cross base is one of the hardware options you’ll be given when ordering your¬†custom feather flag. This base is great for indoor or outdoor use, you just need a flat surface! The base itself weighs 10lbs and it will come with an¬†inflatable weight donut that can be filled with sand or water. Once filled, the¬†weight donut can add up to an additional 30lbs!

Car Wheel Base

The¬†car wheel base fits nicely against any standard car tires. It’s great for outdoor events, events, or outdoor bootcamps. We have two different sizes for our wheel bases: standard¬†car wheel base and a SUV wheel base. We even have a¬†collapsible car wheel base option that is perfect for travel! This base is not offered when ordering a¬†custom feather flag, but you can get it directly from our¬†hardware page.

Ground Spike

The ground spike is the most popular form of mounting hardware we have. This spike can be easily pushed into grass or dirt and is meant for outdoor use. The ground spike is the other mounting hardware option given when ordering a custom feather flag. 

Flat Base:

The flat base is great for both inside or outside, you just need solid, even ground. This base is not included with the kit for our custom feather flags, so you would have to add it directly from our hardware page. This base is compatible with our inflatable weight donut. The donut, once filled with sand or water, can add up to an additional 30lbs to the base! The flat base itself weighs 16lbs.

Custom Feather Flag Sizes

We have the widest variety of sizes with our custom feather flags. These flags come in 7 differnet sizes: 5ft flag/6ft kit, 6ft flag/8ft kit, 8ft flag/10ft kit, 10ft flag/12ft kit, 12ft flag/15ft kit, 14ft flag/16ft kit, and 15ft flag/17ft kit.

All of our¬†custom flags are made from high quality polyester. For our double-sided flags, there will be two flags printed out and sewn together with a black-out mesh in the middle. This ensures the design doesn’t shine through to the other side.¬†

Our¬†feather flags are made to work with or without the wind! Making them the perfect indoor or outdoor marketing tool. We also offer different sizes for our¬†custom rectangle¬†and¬†teardrop flags. We even have custom standard flags which come in¬†2×3, 3×5, 4×6,¬†and¬†5×8 sizes.

If something custom is out of the budget, you can always checkout what we offer for in-stock feather flags. These flags are already packaged and ready to go and tend to ship in 1 business day. Our in-stock feather flags are all 12ft tall and stand at 15ft on their hardware.

Custom Rectangle Flag Sizes

If you’re looking for a different shape for your¬†advertising flags or maybe you want something with a little bit more real estate to work with. Then a¬†custom rectangle flag is perfect! Like our feather flags, these can be used indoors or outdoors and are completely customtizable!

While these¬†custom rectangle flags don’t come in as many sizes as our¬†feather flags, they’re still great forms of advertising! These flags are 3ft wide while our¬†feather flags are only 2.5ft wide, giving you some extra space to create your design. These flags are also compatible with the mounting hardware discussed earlier.

These flags make great location markers for places around your gym like the spin class or pilates studio. They are also great for trade shows and outdoor events. Like our feather flags, these rectangle flags are also made from quality polyester material.

Custom Retractable Banners

Custom retractable banners are one of the more popular items used at gyms. They are great for showcasing yearly specials, competitions, marking personal training areas, and more! These banners are offered in 2 different sizes.

These retractable banners are also great for trade shows or events. Maybe your gym hosts strength competitions or has a special free class every Wednesday. Either way, these custom banners offer a sleek set up and completely custom  design for you to work with. Easily retract the banner back into the base for quick storage or travel. These banners are printed on quality vinyl banner material and are only available as single-sided prints. 

Hardware Options for Custom Retractable Banners

With our custom retractable banners, we offer 3 different stand options: economic base, premium base, and heavy duty base. As the names would suggest, the economic base is the cheapest and the heavy duty base is the most expensive, yet durable. If you plan on traveling with your banner, I would suggest getting the premium  or heavy duty base to ensure your base holds up during travel. The economic base is perfect for single location use. Please note: you cannot buy the bases by themselves. You must purchase the base with the banner.

Custom Vinyl Banners

If a¬†custom flag isn’t what your gym needs, or if you want to add something to the walls of your gym, then you could benefit from a¬†custom vinyl banner. Our¬†custom vinyl banners come in a variety of sizes and can be as small as 2ft or as large as 90ft! These banners come as single-sided prints but can be made double-sided upon request.¬†

With these vinyl banners, you can decorate your gym walls with inspiration messages, workout challenges, or even showcase your personal trainers. Just like all our other custom products, these vinyl banners can be made to your exact specifications and can even include large scale images (as long as the photo quality allows)!

These banners can be used indoors or outdoors and are water resistant! Like anything, prolonged exposure to outdoor conditions will cause wear and tear, so we suggest bringing them inside during inclement weather.

Time to Start Customizing!

Now that we’ve discussed some of our more popular custom advertising products, it’s time to get started! Check out¬†featherflagnation.com to see all custom items we offer, we offer more than what’s discussed here! On any of our custom product pages, there’s a place to submit a¬†free design request.¬†Once you fill this out, one of our talented designers will get to work on creating a proof for you. You can then work one-on-one with the designer until your flag is perfect. Want to do the design yourself? Click here to download our templates!

Have additional questions? Contact us!


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