Feather Flags for Florists

Florists spread lots of love and joy with their art, but sometimes it may be hard to know how to advertise your store.Ā Feather Flag Nation has a solution for you!

At FFN, we offer a variety ofĀ in-stock andĀ customĀ outdoor signage. We do more than justĀ feather flags as well, offering custom prints of garden flags, feather flags, vinyl banners, andĀ inflatable tube men. These outdoor advertising signs work great to draw attention and bring in more sales. Make sure people know exactly where to find you by getting someĀ outdoor signage!

With our custom signs, you have the ability to use whatever colors, text, logo, images, etc that you need! We have nearly no limitations on our designs and if we think something may not come out perfect, we’ll always let you know and offer an alternative.

Custom Feather Flags for Florists

First, let’s talk about our most popular item:Ā feather flags.Ā Our custom feather flags come in multiple sizes including:Ā 5ft flag/6ft kit, 6ft flag/8ft kit, 8ft flag/10ft kit, 10ft flag/12ft kit, 12ft flag/15ft kitĀ (most popular size!),Ā 14ft flag/16ft kit,Ā andĀ 15ft flag/17ft kit.

These flags are all available asĀ single or double-sided prints and can be made to your specifications. The advantage these flags have over other advertising methods, is you get to control their location and how long they stay up for! This allows for more versatility and the ability to keep your advertising fresh.

For florists on a budget, we also have a variety of in-stock feather flags to choose from! These flags are all the 12ft flag/15ft kit size and ready to ship out within 1 business day. The only disadvantage? You can’t personalize these flags. So, if you’re looking to do something for a specific event or you just want to better advertise your particular store, aĀ custom flag may be a better option.

CLICK HERE to submit a free design request!

Custom Garden Flags

Maybe you’re looking for something a little smaller or more subtle? Or maybe you just want something to help spruce up your store location without being a big advertising flag.

Then a garden flag would be perfect! These flags are 28″ high and 17″ wide and we offer them with their respectedĀ garden stakes. Like our other custom products, these can have whatever colors, images, logos, or texts you’d like. They make great additions to storefronts and can be a great way to offer a warm welcome into your store.

Once you have theĀ stake, you can get replacement flags and swap them out! Get something customized for the holidays, wedding season, and more. TheseĀ garden flags may be just what your storefront needs to feel complete.

Sounding like a good fit? CLICK HERE to submit a free design request!

Custom Vinyl Banners for Florists

Now that we’ve discussed ourĀ custom feather flags andĀ garden flags, let’s talk about something even bigger:Ā custom vinyl banners. With our vinyl banners, we can do nearly any size you need with the banner being as small as 2ft or as big as 90ft!Ā 

Custom vinyl banners make for great space fillers. If the front of your business seems empty or bland, getting a vinyl banner can help! They can even be used at trade shows or events to mark your table or location. Just like all our other custom products, these banners can be designed to your specifications and have nearly no design limits!Ā 

Liking the way this sounds? CLICK HERE to submit a free design request!

Custom Rectangle Flags for Florists

Other than ourĀ feather flags, the next popular windless flag we have is ourĀ custom rectangle flags. These flags are different thanĀ standard flags as they are 3ft wide and can be up to 12ft tall. The sizes we have available areĀ 6ft flag/8ft kit, 8ft flag/10ft kit, 10ft flag/12ft kit,Ā andĀ 12ft flag/15ft kit (most popular).

Like ourĀ feather flags, we do have in-stock rectangle flags as well, but we mostly have flags for auto dealerships. But just like everything else, theĀ rectangle flags can be customized to your needs.

Custom Inflatable Tube Men for Florists

Want something a little more active and big? Then aĀ custom inflatable tube manĀ may be perfect!

These dancers never stop moving and are great for drawing attention from afar. Our air dancers also come in a range of sizes:Ā 6ft body/8ft on blower, 10ft body/12ft on blower,Ā andĀ 18ft body/20ft on blower.

We do have someĀ in-stock tube men as well if you’d like something to advertise sales or that you’re open for business. But, to really bring them in, aĀ custom tube manĀ is unmatched! They can even be made to look like fun characters.Ā 

We do all of our custom products in-house in our Riverside, CA location. Have additional questions? Contact us!


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