2 Legged Air Inflatable Dancer for Advertising

Custom Inflatable Dancers

At Feather Flag Nation we offer custom inflatable dancers in a variety of different sizes. We have tube men as small as 6ft all the way up to 18ft. But, we also offer a specialty custom tube man that stands above them all: our 22ft two-legged tube man! 

These tube men are bigger and better than our other tube men as he can reach heights our other tube men can’t. Like our other products, these tube men are produced and shipped from our location in Riverside, CA. Since we don’t outsource like our competitors, you know you’re getting a quality product. 

Since we do everything from our location in CA, we are able to offer great prices with quality materials. We help you throughout the entire design and ordering process and let you know when your custom order is ready to ship out! Our standard turnaround time is 3 business days for 1-3 tube men and roughly 3-6 business days for shipping. 

Why do I need a 22ft 2 Legged Tube Man?

The simple answer is to increase sales! These inflatable dancers are great advertising products for your business. They stand taller than most outdoor flags and even our biggest regular tube man! This allows for more opportunists to be seen by potential customers. Our 2 legged 22ft tube men work even better for locations that may be hidden or away from the road. People will see him waving and dancing through the cars and buildings and want to come to check it out! 

Get it customized however you'd like!

At FFN, we include the design in the cost which means no hidden fees to have us do the design for you! We also have no limitations on colors, text, or logos. If something doesn’t seem to be working or won’t print correctly, we always let you know. 

We work one-on-one with you throughout the whole design process and always send a final proof to approve before putting anything into production. 

Click here to start your free design request!

Even if you don’t go through with the order, we never charge for creating a proof. And if you decide to come back later and purchase, just let us know! We keep all artwork on file.

Made from quality polyester

Just like our feather flags, these inflatable dancers are made from polyester. Most of our competitors make their inflatables from nylon which isn’t as sturdy and tends to tear easier. We also design our tube men to allow for even air flow, which as a result makes it so these dancers won’t pop! Since we use polyester, we are able to print directly onto our tube men, allowing for more accurate colors and better prints overall!

A lifetime of FREE repairs!

You read that right! With all of our custom items, we offer a lifetime of free repairs (as long as it’s repairable). Just send us  photos of the damaged item and we will let you know if it’s something our production team can fix. If it seems beyond repair, we will give you options on what the next best steps are for you. 

If it is able to be repaired, it’ll take only 3 business days to do the repair and then we’ll send it back to you!

Some Helpful Tips

  1. Be mindful of where you’re placing your tube man. While these guys are tough, if they’re near trees or power lines, they could get snagged while they’re dancing away which may cause them to tear or rip. Also, be mindful of what’s on the ground. If the blower is on top of gravel or dirt, some of the debris could get sucked up into the blower and come right out of the tube man! This can also damage your dancer and possibly hit an innocent bystander.
  2. Our air blowers are NOT waterproof. If they are left out in the rain, it will damage the motor and it will no longer work. We do not have a guarantee on these items so you would have to purchase a new one.
  3. If there are high winds or storms coming in we suggest bringing in the tube men. High winds could whip the dancer around and cause an accidental rip.
  4. The best locations to place your tube man is on a sidewalk, patio, or other flat surfaces. Be sure there will be nothing in its way as it dances and be mindful of foot traffic. You don’t want to put your tube man in a place where it may hit someone!

Great for fairs and other outdoor events!

Some of the best places to take these large dancers are places like fairs or trade shows. Big outdoor events can get very busy and make it hard to see your booth or tent. What’s not hard to miss is a 22ft dancer! Having a custom dancer is going to increase foot traffic to your location. You can even have it customized to look like a cartoon character or your business mascot to entertain the kids!

Increase sales by purchasing a dancer today!

Now that you know a little more about our 2 legged 22ft dancing tube menit’s time to start designing! CLICK HERE to start your free design request. We always respond back the same day (as long as the request is sent during business hours) and we can get your tube man designed and into production in as little as one day! 

Have additional questions? Contact Us!


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