8ft Real Estate Feather Flags with Carry Case

Real Estate Feather Flags

The 8 foot Real Estate Feather Flag Kit with Carrying Case from Feather Flag Nation is the answer to any real estate agent’s marketing needs. The kit includes a polyester knit flag, a lightweight carbon aluminum pole, a ground spike, and a carrying case.

The flag measures approximately 6 ft tall and stands at an overall height of 8 feet tall on the pole. This is an excellent compact flag set and easy to travel with. The included carry case makes transporting this set from home to home really easy and mobile!

The ground spike allows this flag to be used on any soft surface such as grass, sand, or dirt.

Yard signs and pole boards are standard fares for promoting home sales, but they can be clunky to use and to bring around from place to place. The real estate feather flags with carrying cases are lightweight and easy to transport! Feather flags can help boost interest and the speed of sale for any home.

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Larger feather flag kits (10 ft kit/8ft flag; 12ft kit/ 10ft flag; 15ft kit/12 ft flag) can sometimes be hard to display due to city codes and height restrictions. The 8ft kit/6ft flag is allowed in almost all cities!

Now that home sales are steadily rising and the economy is slowly rising, real estate is once again a booming business. Make sure your home(s) get the attention they need from potential customers by displaying a feather flag right in the front yard.

Each kit weighs approximately 5.5lbs. Real estate feather flags with carrying case from Feather Flag Nation are a great deal. Purchase one today to make the best of your next sale!

Feather Flag Nation also offers custom feather flags. Place your real estate brand logo on a custom flag design today!

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