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Does Feather Flag Nation have a broker program?

Due to the large demand for custom printed feather flags, many sign companies are looking to purchase and resell feather flags or banner flags. Yes, Feather Flag Nation does have a broker and wholesale feather flags program.  Before wholesale pricing is released, you will need to fill out our broker form request.  By doing this, we can verify that you are an established company that currently does business in some advertising market — such as vinyl banner printing, LED signs, T-shirt Prints, custom mugs, and etc.  Any type of promotional or signage work will qualify you as a candidate for the broker/wholesale feather flag program.  Businesses such as liquor stores, mattress discounters, furniture stores, and etc do not qualify for our wholesale program.

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Are there minimum requirements for wholesale purchases?

No, we do not have any minimum requirements for your broker or wholesale banner flag purchases.  Purchasing in bulk will save you on shipping costs, therefore it is advised to purchase at least 5 replacement feather flags or  5 complete flutter flag kits.

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Does Feather Flag Nation drop ship orders?

Yes.  All of our outgoing shipments are blind shipments.  We do not include any paperwork in our boxes.  All invoices are directly emailed to our clients.  Doing everything digitally saves paper and trees!

Can I purchase only 1 custom flag or banner at a time?

Definitely.   There is no minimum quantity for custom products.  May it is custom feather flags, vinyl banners, air inflatable dancers, or coroplast prints — there is no minimum quantity required.  But, ordering more will save you money.  Quantity discounts are available on large quantity custom orders.

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Due to the print processing varying from one company to another, it is hard to decide on who to go with.  Always beware of the wholesale prices that you receive.  If the prices are very low, then you more likely than not will get low quality items that will break or be destroyed by the elements within a few weeks.  At Feather Flag Nation, our custom banner flags,  custom rectangle flags,  vinyl banners, custom fabric prints, and air-inflated dancers are all made in house.  We can assure you that our products will be of high quality.  We are not in the business to make a quick buck.   At Feather Flag Nation, we strive to create long term clients with great customer service and high-quality custom-crafted products.

Thank you for visit our blog!  We hope you to come to us for wholesale feather flags!

-Sam, Sales Manager

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