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Feather Flag Advertising Sale

Feather Flag Advertising Sale

There’s no point in having a sale when no one knows about it! If you’re needing to purchase a feather flag advertising sale flag, helps market your retail sales with this flutter flag. Our featured item for the day is this red, white, and blue swooper banner flag. This flag has one, and only one, very focused message to get across: “SALE“.

The text is in a large and bold red font that stands out with the flag’s white background. The text is written vertically. What makes the flag’s message really stand out in comparison to other sales flags is that the flag is bordered with a red and blue stripe down the side filled with stars.

This flag is 12ft tall and its bright colors and size guarantee it will be seen by a passerby or people driving in their cars. Perfect outdoor advertising to draw in customers. People will really know there is a sale going on and will check out your store!

High-quality feather banners are useful for any business or organization in need of indoor or outdoor advertising. Swooper flags or flutter flags are a great option if you need to bring in customers to your shop or other business space. When you drive around don’t you notice all the feather flags? If you have a sale coming up purchase this feather flag or take a look at our other advertising flags now.

This feather banner is high quality and is guaranteed to last several months up to a year before needing to be replaced. A cost-effective choice for any business trying to fill their marketing needs!

Other In-Stock Flag Options

Along with our best selling Patriotic Sale feather flag, we also have a variety of other in-stock sale and open feather flags to choose from.

These flags are all the 12ft flag height. having multiple flags outside of your business is a great way to maximize your attention and ensure everyone knows your business has the best sales around! Stock flags tend to ship within 1 business day and standard shipping is 3-6 business days. You could have your advertising flags in as little as two weeks! 

Don’t miss out on potential sales or customers! These feather flag advertising sale banners can help bring awareness to your business.

We take pride in the quality of our products. All custom products are made in-house from our Riverside, CA location.


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