Double Sided vs Single Sided Custom Feather Flags

Double Sided vs Single Sided Custom Feather Flags

When you order a stock kit from Feather Flag Nation you get a 12-foot single-sided flag with a 15-foot pole. But when you order a custom feather flag, an entirely new selection of sizes and options opens up! When you order a custom flag you can choose 8ft (6ft flag), 10ft (8ft flag), 12ft (10ft flag), and 15ft (12ft flag) kits. You also have the option of choosing a double-sided or a single-sided flag.v

Single-Sided Feather Flags

Single-sided flags are printed on one side and have a reverse image on the back. Our stock flags are like this. The text or logo on the flag can still be viewable/readable from the back, but it will be mirrored. This works best on flags with darker colors because the darker colors will bleed better onto the other side. If the colors on your custom flags are too light, they will not bleed through as well so the back of the flag will appear to be faded.

In another entry on this blog, we talked about why lighter colors are not recommended on advertising flags at all. So it’s best to stick with darker colors (reds, blacks, dark blues) if possible.

Double-Sided Feather Flags

Double-sided flags are actually 2 flags stitched together with a block out the middle. This allows both the front and back of the flag to be readable and vibrant. When designing a double-sided flag, you can have the same image on both sides of the flag, or you can choose to have a completely different design. Double-sided flags can be very versatile in this way. However,  the price of double-sided feather flags is slightly higher than a single-sided flag because of the extra work that goes into its production.

In Conclusion | Video

Both double-sided and single-sided swooper flags are great options for indoor or outdoor advertising. Double-sided flags tend to be the more popular option because both sides are easily noticeable and have extra printed area. It all depends on your budget and aesthetic. Any customized feather flag is a great flag!

We take great pride in the quality of our products. All custom products are made in-house from our Riverside, CA location.


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