Look Our 20ft Inflatable Tube Man Dancers By Feather Flag Nation

Get the Perfect Inflatable Tube Man for Your from Our Huge Variety!

At Feather Flag Nation, we have a variety of in-stock inflatable tube men to choose from! If we don’t have something in stock for you, you can always work with one of our talented designers and get a custom inflatable tube man. 

With our in-stock inflatable tube men, we have 2 different sizes: 18ft that stands at 20ft on its blowerand 6ft that stands at 8ft on its blower.

Unique Attention Grabbers

Our inflatable tube men are the perfect attention grabbers for your business and are bound to catch the attention of people walking or driving by. Our tube men have been used for businesses, events, festivals, and even birthday parties! Inflatable tube men can be utilized for just about any situation or event and make great, fun additions!

The Perfect Addition to Any Outdoor Party or Gathering!

Our custom inflatable tube men have been used for more than just business! Above are examples of two tube men used for themed birthday parties! Since all of our 18′ tube men use the same blower, you can order a replacement tube man and reuse the same blower. This allows you to get the best bang for your buck and be able to reuse our products for years!

A Must Have for Your Store Front!

At FFN, we pride ourselves on having products that make you stand out. Our inflatable tube men use bright colors and easy to read text to help catch peoples’ attention and bring them into your store. Since they stand so tall and dance and move around, they’re easy to spot from a distance and spark curiosity. 

Inflatable tube men are a sure-fire way to grab attention and catch someone’s eye. We have a variety of in-stock tube men to choose from that are great for different business including, but not limited to:

An Essential Attraction for any Roadside Business Seeking to Increase Traffic!

increase-traffic-to-your-location-tube-inflatable-aky-dancerWhether you own an auto shop, gas station, restaurant, tax servicesfurniture retail store, or anything else, our Inflatable tube men are a cost-efficient, easy to install, overall great advertising product for you.

As we talked about earlier, once you have the blower, you can just reorder the tube man and replace him out as needed. This is great if you want him to match the seasons, celebrate a holiday, etc.  This also makes these dancers a cost-effective way to advertise. You decide where it goes, you decide how long it stays up, and you decide if it’s time to switch it out, move it around, whatever!

Unlike our competitors, we don’t use nylon material and we don’t sew the text onto the tube man. This allows our tube men to stay looking good longer than most. The letters won’t peel and the fabric won’t fray away. 

Inflatable Dancing Tube Men Offer a New Unique Look to Your Attraction or Business!

If your business or  store offers discounts or has frequent sales, a tube man may be the best type of advertising that you can do! You can put the tube man next to your business or even right out front to let people know you have great a special going on that day. Once your tube man is up and waving away, it’s bound to bring in more foot traffic than without. While the tube man is already one of the cheapest forms of advertising you’ll do, the turn around on investments is quick and you’re bound to have it paying for itself in no time!

The Feather Flag Nation Advantage!

Over at FFNwe have perfected what is needed to create quality outdoor advertising signage at an affordable cost. We understand what makes for good outdoor advertising and we’re dedicating to helping you get just that. 

Just like our feather flags, our tube men are proudly made in the USA. We get feedback daily from happy customers whose businesses have benefited from using our products.  

Our tube men are made from a quality polyester blend that holds up better to outdoor conditions than nylon. Our tube men are also designed to allow proper airflow through them, resulting in less popping and tearing and more enjoyment and dancing. This helps increase the lifespan of our tube men, allowing them to last longer than our competitors.  We have no hidden fees and even offer free shipping on orders over $100 with coupon code SAVEMONEY at checkout (Not valid for HI, AK,  or any location outside the US. Cannot be combined with any other coupon).

If you want to order a custom inflatable tube man but aren’t sure how to start, submit a free design request and we’ll do the rest for you!

Further Offerings From Feather Flag Nation!

At FFN we offer a variety of outdoor advertising. We have over 600 in-stock feather flags to choose from and lots more! Whether you’re ordering something in-stock or custom, we’re here to help you.

Be wary of other websites that managed to steal our ideas and try to duplicate our flags. Remember that the original is always better than the knock off. Partner with the best business and you’ll always get the best value for your money!

Have questions? Contact us!


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