Look Our 20ft Inflatable Tube Man Dancers By Feather Flag Nation

Choose the Perfect Inflatable Sky Dancer for you from our Huge Variety!

Feather Flag Nation has an amazing variety of Inflatable Tube Men in-stock now! You can make a selection from our vast prefabricated designs that are in-stock, packed, and ready to ship, or you can work alongside our talented custom Tube Man design team to create a perfect customized Inflatable Tube Man advertisement to fit what you need. Our incredible selection of prefabricated Inflatable Tube Dancer Men (click here to see all in-stock dancers) include:

–  Lettered
Flag themed
– Character shaped
– Or made-to-order custom Inflatable Tube Men.

Feather Flag Nation is the premier supplier of our amazing 20 ft. Tube Man Puppets and a whole host of other inflatable advertising products!

Unique Attention Grabbers!


Our 20 ft. Inflatable Sky Dancers are perfect attention grabbers and will undoubtedly draw in shoppers and passersby walking through your parking lot. Regardless if you’re a stand-alone business interested in our Inflatable Tube Men, or a store within a mall or shopping center, our selection has something for you!

The Perfect Addition to any Outdoor Party or Gathering!


Feather Flag Nations 20 ft. Tube Man Dancers are the perfect size for summer backyard barbecues, park and recreation center birthday parties, and holiday celebrations! Kids will love to watch Tube Men dance!

A Must Have Asset For Your Store Front!


Feather Flag Nations Inflatable Tube Man will catch the eye of new customers and draw people into your business. Inflatable Tube Men are especially useful for getting the word out on your business’ promotion of the special sale. Perfect Locations for our Dancing Tube Men Puppets include:

Furniture Stores
Car Washes
– Parking Lots
– Public Events
Wireless Stores
– Car Lots
Mattress Stores
– Car Repair Service Centers
– Flea Markets
– Warehouse/liquidation Sales
– Produce Stands
– Any Business!

An Essential Attraction for any Roadside Business Seeking to Increase Traffic!

increase-traffic-to-your-location-tube-inflatable-aky-dancerWhether you’re the proprietor of an auto dealership, gas station, restaurant, tax service shop, gym, furniture retail store, or any other type of business, our Inflatable Tube Men are one of the overall most cost-effective ways to bring new customers to your store.

Feather Flag Nations 20 ft. Inflatable Sky Dancers are one of the lowest risk and most effective options for gaining attention and driving traffic to your event or business. Our prefabricated inflatables, or customized Sky Dancers, are one of the most cost-effective physical options for pulling in customers to your store or happening!

The Feather Flag Nation 20 ft. Inflatable Tube Dancer Man is the king of outdoor promotional advertising at a fraction of our competitor’s rates and other signage and advertising products. Join the vast number of customers who have been getting used to Feather Flag Nations Inflatable Sky Dancers to increase their business and revenue.

Inflatable Dancing Tube Men Offer a New Unique Look to your Attraction or Business!

One of the most ideal uses for Feather Flag Nations’ expansive list of products is for a roadside business that has plenty of headroom but needs to be noticed in a big way. Inflatable signage is one of the world’s most cost-effective ways to advertise and bring real customers to your business, event, or storefront. The perfect addition to signage and promotions for gas stations, gyms, auto dealerships, tax service storefronts, restaurants, furniture, and mattress retail stores, cellular mobile phone stores, and anywhere you need the ability to grab the attention of possible customers. Other primary locales for our Inflatable products include:

– Public gatherings
– Parking lots
Car washes
Car lots
– Car repair
– Major events
– Service centers
– Warehouse sample sales
Liquidation sales
– Flea markets
– Even fruit or vegetable stands!

Street Front Advertising!

An excellent promotion for a special sale or event right outside your door! An Inflatable Tube Man is a quick and effective way to draw attention to your business or event. Our products are an instant impression maker to get your business or event noticed. With a proper design, made from the right materials, and placed in the proper location, an Inflatable Tube Man Puppet will pay for itself within days. Using one of Feather Flag Nations inflatable products at a busy location will greatly increase sells! Make your business stand out from the competition with a 20 ft. Inflatable Tube Man from Feather Flag Nation.

The Feather Flag Nation Advantage!

free shipping usa-sky inflatable dancers

At Feather Flag Nation we use our decades of experience to craft our excellent prefabricated options as well as the best custom outdoor Sky Dancer Inflatables. We know that outdoor advertising requires messages that are easy to read for passing motorists and pedestrians.

Feather Flag Nations aim to construct the most highly visual yet easily readable Tube Men Puppets. Just like our custom flags, Feather Flag Nations Sky Dancers are proudly designed and crafted in the USA. We’ve received a plethora of positive feedback from clients who have employed our inflatable products to drive customers to their business.

All of our Inflatables make use of our uniquely designed base which allows for smooth airflow through the Inflatable Sky Dancer Puppet. This not only increases the life span of Feather Flag Nation,s puppets over our competitions but also allows for better function and quieter operation. Feather Flag Nation does not charge any setup fees, nor do we have any restrictions on color. You need only to pay the list price and shipping cost.

For custom designs, simply send us a custom design request with your requested images and/or logo(s). You’ll receive your custom inflatable design proof before you make any purchase. You will not have to send any payment to Feather Flag Nation to see what your layout will look like. Also, Feather Flag Nation offers free shipping on orders over $150.

Further Offerings From Feather Flag Nation!

outstanding customer service badge redIf you’re looking for other ways to grab attention and increase your sales even further, check out Feather Flag Nations Custom Flags, or Banner Flags, for outdoor use. The addition of Custom Flags next to your Inflatable Sky Dancer adds greatly to your promotional opportunities. Our Feather Swooper Flags are an excellent complement to Inflatable Tube Men! Keep in mind that Feather Flag Nation offers free shipping on orders over $150 with coupon code SAVEMONEY.

Be very wary of other websites who have managed to steal our ideas and try to duplicate our design concepts. Always prefer the original over the fake. Partner with the best in the business and you’ll always get the best value for your money!

Have any questions? Contact Us! Send us an email at or give us a call at 1 (877) 900-5692. We are open M-F from 8am-4:30pm PST

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