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Custom 3x5 Flags with Feather Flag Nation

Here at Feather Flag Nation, we always have sales and specials on our items. Our most recent sale can get you 2 custom 3×5 flags for the price of 1.5! If you’re looking to do a custom 3×5, look no further! You get to control the design, we just make it for you! Let us know what colors, images, text, etc that you want and we’ll put together a beautiful flag for you. 

Getting Started

If you go to our Buy One Get One 50% off  page on our website, you’ll see the specifics for this special and any restrictions that may apply. The first step, though, is to submit a free design request. This will be where you give us all the details on how you want your flag to look. You’ll be able to upload images, examples, or logos as well. If something doesn’t seem to be working, we’ll let you know! We have no restrictions on design, so your flag can be customized to look exactly how you need it.

If you prefer doing the design yourself, you can do so by downloading our templates here and creating your flag! We will double-check your artwork to be sure it’s ready for print. We always send final proofs for you to approve before putting anything into production. Our designers tend to respond back to emails within 2 hours (during business hours) so you can have a design started and put into production on the same day!

How to Order

Once your design has been perfected, you can have your designer send you the link to place your order or you can click here. The only catch is, the designs do have to be the same for both flags. Once you’re on the ordering page, you’ll have the option to do single or double-sided. Double-sided is just an additional $64.50 per flag. You don’t have to go with double-sided if you don’t want to! Everything is up to you. 

Not sure what the difference between single or double-sided is? Single-sided flags are one flag printed, cut, and sewn. The image does appear on the backside, it’ll just be reversed and a little bit lighter. Think about writing on a piece of paper with a sharpie. For double-sided flags, it’s two flags printed out and sewn together with a mesh in the middle. This mesh helps ensure your design doesn’t shine through to the backside. Since our double-sided flags are two copies printed out, you do have the option to do different artwork on each side!

What can I use these for?

3×5 flags can be used for so many different things! They’re commonly used on big flag poles outside of businesses, restaurants, government buildings, schools, etc. Most places will have a custom flag with their business or brand and then a state or USA flag. If you have a flag pole outside of your business, don’t let it take up space! Get a custom flag with your name, logo, deals, or whatever else you need. Having a flag flying high up can help people see your business from afar and know where you are located. 

Don’t have a business to promote? No worries! Our 3×5 flags don’t have to be for business. We do lots of custom 3×5 flags for parties, gifts, events, schools, and more. These flags can make great gifts! Since they’re completely customizable, you can be sure it’ll have a personal touch and show the person you’re thinking of them.

Do you have any other deals going on?

We always do! If you aren’t in the market for a 3×5 flag, we also have specials going on for our feather flags. Currently, at FFN, we have a Buy One Get One 50% off special for our feather flags. With this special, you can get a custom single-sided feather flag ranging from  6ft to 12ft. 

The biggest difference between this deal and the one for our 3×5 flags is with the feather flags special, you do not have the option to upgrade to double-sided. But you do get the appropriate pole kit and ground spike for both of your custom flags. Just like our 3×5 flags, these are completely customizable and can be made to look however you need. The possibilities are endless!

Supplying artwork? Make sure it’s perfect!

If you want to create the design yourself, you have that option! Just download our templates from our website and start designing! We always look over the artwork to ensure everything is ready for production. If we have to make changes to the artwork, we will let you know. 

What does it mean to be correct for print? When you’re using logos or images on a flag, you want to ensure everything will print clearly. For logos, we prefer to use vector files if you have them. Vectors are made up of points, lines, and curves to create a clean image. Logos tend to be made in Illustrator which allows creating images with these points, lines, and curves. This will allow us to scale the logo up without losing quality. 

What if I don’t have a vector? If you don’t have one, don’t worry! We will work with you to help get the highest quality file. We can print whatever you would like, with or without pixelation, so even if your logo isn’t a vector, we can still use it. Live images (photos taken on cameras) will never be vectors, so if you’re using images, be sure to provide us with the highest quality image you have.

Other Custom Products

If this is all sounding great but you’re thinking, “I don’t really need a feather flag or a 3×5,” don’t worry! At FFNwe offer a variety of custom outdoor signage.

We have a range of products including, but not limited to, custom inflatable tube men, teardrop flags, rectangle flags, vinyl banners, and even yard signs. All of these items can be customized to your liking with no restrictions in color. Our designers will work with you to make sure everything is going to come out to perfection.

You can use this link to fill out your free design request and get started on your custom flag!

Have any questions? Contact Us! Send us an email at or give us a call at 1 (877) 900-5692. We are open M-F from 8am-4:30pm PST


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