How an Inflatable Car Dealership Man Works

How an Inflatable Car Dealership Man Works

Promoting Your Car Dealership with a Custom Inflatable Tube Man

It’s no secret that the inflatable car dealership man is one of the most recognizable dealership staples. This dancing man is a key form of advertising as they’re large and constantly moving which grabs the attention of anyone walking or driving by. If you have a dealership and have never utilized one of these inflatable tube men you’re missing out on more potential sales!

Car dealerships typically have a large lot with rows and rows of different cars available for purchase. This can make navigation difficult and overwhelming for people looking for a new car. Not only is navigation within your dealership important, but so is being able to easily locate your business from the street.

One of the great uses for an inflatable car dealership man is to mark the entrances to your lot. Having a tall, waving, and dancing man to greet your customers can help put them in a good mood, making them more likely to buy. They can even be used to mark visitor parking lots, maintenance or front office locations, and more!

At Feather Flag Nation we’ve got all your inflatable tube man needs covered! Whether you’re looking for something in-stock or custom, we have the tube man for you. Dealerships are some of our most popular customers for our tube menso we understand what you need to do the best advertising possible.

Inflatable Car Dealership Man Benefits

You may be thinking, will an inflatable car dealership man really help my business? I’m here to tell you that yes it can! 

20% of consumers report being drawn into new stores based on the quality of their signage.

This means having outdoor signage near or around your business increases visibility by 20%. That is a significant increase in exposure to your business and a significant increase in your ability to make more sales. The more people you have looking your way, the more foot traffic you’ll receive, and thus the more chances you have for securing a sale.

Inflatable tube men are better than other high costs advertising methods as they are a one-time payment you make and then you have the advertising for however long you’d like! Unlike other traditional advertising methods such as billboards or radios, you get to control where your message is and how long it’s visible. No time frames or 30sec ad spots, just countless advertising all day long.

With rental signage like billboards, you can end up paying thousands of dollars for a message that will only be visible for a month. With a tube man, you can move the location and keep it dancing around for months and months to come! By strategically moving your tube man location to areas with high traffic, you have an even better chance of gaining that extra foot traffic.

Purchase a Custom Designed Inflatable Car Dealership Man

At Feather Flag Nation, you can get a custom inflatable car dealership man! We have no design limits, so you can use whatever colors, logos, text, images, etc that you’d like. You can submit a free design request or download our templates to start your custom dancer. 

No matter if you decide to create your own artwork or let us design for you, we will always review your artwork and make sure everything will print on your tube man perfectly. This is how FFN has been able to uphold our quality after all these years. 

At FFNwe have 3 different custom tube man sizes to purchase. Our smallest size is 6ft standing at 8ft on the blower, 10ft standing at 12ft on the blower, and 18ft standing at 20ft on the blower. All of these tube men are going to be double-sided prints, and you even have the option to do different graphics on both sides!

Allowing for different designs on either side of your dancer means you can display two separate messages. This is even great for tube men used within your dealership. For example, you can have a tube man posted at your entrance dancing and displaying a WELCOME message, then as your customers leave, your tube man will be able to tell them farewell with a COME BACK SOON message. 

You can also use the double-sided print option to advertise multiple sales or deals you have going on. There are no limits to how you can utilize one of our custom tube men! And with a turnaround time of just 3 business days for 1-3 tube men, we can get your dancer to you quickly so you can start advertising now.

In-Stock Tube Men Available as Well

For businesses on a budget, we also have a selection of in-stock tube men to choose from as well. We have different stock categories to choose from such as auto dealership, solid colors, open & sale, and more. These tube men are 18ft tall and stand at 20ft on their blower.

Our in-stock tube men use the same blower as our custom tube men, meaning you can start out with something stock, then order a custom tube man later on! This is a popular method for businesses that are on a budget and want to try out our products. Once you realize you love your dancer, you can simply order a custom replacement tube man and save costs on another blower. 

We also have a smaller selection of in-stock 6ft tube men that can share the blower with our custom 6ft tube man. You can even pair our stock tube man with some custom tube men to get the best of both worlds! 

Get Your Inflatable Car Dealership Man Today!

Now that you know just how important an inflatable car dealership man is, it’s time to get your own! 

Click here to submit a FREE design request! Or click here to download our templates to do your own design.

Our inflatable tube men are made from quality material that’s going to help gain attention and raise awareness of your business. They make great location or parking lot markers and will bring smiles to the faces of anyone who passes by. 

Have additional questions? Contact us!


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