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Why Do Inflatable Tube Men Work?

The Impact Inflatable Tube Men Can Have on Your Business

I’m sure you’ve seen inflatable tube men at auto dealerships, car washes, events, maybe even a party. They’ve been made the punchline of jokes from shows such as Family Guy and others, but these wacky dancing tube men aren’t just for laughs!

Outdoor signage is a must-have for any business or store. While you may already have a store sign and maybe a few flags to help alert people of your business, but are you utilizing everything at your disposal? If you don’t have an inflatable tube man then the answer is no!

So, what is an inflatable dancing tube man? Inflatable tube men are tall, slender, dancing tubes (typically with arms and hair) that attach to air blowers that allow for fluid movement through the body. These dancers are popularly used by car dealershipsfurniture stores, gas stations, and tax offices

Tube men can even be used for parties or large outdoor events. Feather Flag Nation has made custom inflatable tube men for a variety of purposes, including birthday and retirement parties, festivals and music events, and even for fun gifts! There is really no limit to how you can use an air dancer tube man, and that is exactly why you should be using them for your business.

Since these dancers are constantly moving and waving at people walking or driving by, they easily catch peoples’ eyes. While bystanders are enjoying the dance moves of the inflatable, they will also be reading your message and thinking about your business. Even if they don’t decide to stop by right then and there, you increase your chances of them returning, as they’ll remember the dancing tube man and what he was advertising.

Increases Sales

Outdoor advertising is a big part of walk-in sales and increasing foot traffic. Inflatable tube men are great for both as they easily catch your eye and their fun dance moves draw you in. Better yet, at Feather Flag Nation, we offer in-stock and custom tube men!

Having some form of outdoor advertising near or around your business can help increase foot traffic by nearly 20%. This means your chances of gaining new sales also increase. Once a potential customer is drawn in by your dancing inflatable tube man, you can sell them on your services and turn them into a returning customer!

As briefly mentioned above, FFN has in-stock and custom inflatable tube men available for you. Both are made from our patented polymesh material and available in our 18ft and 6ft sizes.

Our stock tube men are great for businesses on a budget. These tube men are a cheaper price than our custom dancers as these air dancers are already designed, printed, packaged, and ready to ship. Our custom tube men do require a minimum of 3 business days for production. 

The best part is, once you have our air blowers, you can simply swap out the tube man! As long as the tube man is the same size, you can keep your blower and change out your dancers as needed. With our in-stock tube men, we offer 18ft and 6ft while our custom tube men can be made at the 6ft, 10ft, and 18ft size.

Increase Customer Engagement

One of the best parts about having a custom inflatable tube man is that they will help increase your customer engagement as well! At FFN we use a quality patented polymesh material for our tube men that holds up better than our competitors who use cheap nylon.

Having such a strong material helps our tube men hold up longer and better over time. This even means you can interact with the dancer without being afraid to damage him! Little kids love our dancing tube men and they are a great way to stop any parent or family with young children. While the kids are endlessly entertained, the parents can learn more about the business, maybe even encouraging them to go inside.

Even for those without small children, the inflatable tube dancers are great ice breakers with new potential customers. If you see people outside talking about the airman or taking photos with it, you can engage with and encourage them to check out your business. 

The correlation between having an air-powered dancer and not having one is noticeable. Mathew Tousle used to have an air dancer outside of his business before being told to take it down due to city regulations. Mathew admits that he noticed a big change in foot traffic after only 2  months of having to take the tube man down. 

While Mathew’s tube man wasn’t advertising anything specially, he still saw an increase in foot traffic to his gas station that he was not seeing beforehand.

It Will Pay for Itself Within Days

One thing business owners must keep in mind is whether or not the advertising they’re paying for will pay for itself. Inflatable tube men are the advertising solution that will pay for itself time and time again. 

One of our 18ft custom inflatable tube men with the blower costs $299. That is a flat rate you pay and then you have advertising for years! Billboards, radio, and other forms of advertising require thousands of dollars for your message to only be available for a small period of time. 

With tube men, you can move them from place to place to increase your visibility. Doesn’t seem to attract people in one location? Move it to the next! You can even put these dancers on your rooftop and let them tower and dance over the entire street.

After one month of use with your inflatable tube man, it will pay itself off and still be bringing in more money for you! These dancers are a better alternative to other temporary sign advertising such as sign spinners as you don’t have to pay an hourly rate or make sure they’re really drawing in eyes. 

Ready to get your tube man!? Click here (or the image below) to submit a free design request! 

We also have templates available for download if you prefer to do your own design. Simply download our templates here and get to work! Once your design is done, we will still review your artwork and be sure everything is ready for production. 


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