how an inflatable car wash man works

How an Inflatable Car Wash Man Works

How an Inflatable Car Wash Man Works

If you’ve ever driven past a car wash or auto dealership, I’m sure you’ve seen one of those waving, dancing men. You may wonder to yourself, how does an inflatable car wash man work? Does it really bring in that many sales? 

I’m here to tell you that, yes, they do! 20% of consumers report being drawn into new stores based on the quality of their signage. And using a dancing inflatable tube man is a great sign to have outside of your business. Feather Flag Nation offers custom inflatable tube men in 3 different sizes! 

Promoting Your Car Wash with a Custom Inflatable Tube Man

Using a custom inflatable car wash man at your business will draw attention to your location and encourage people to come and get their car cleaned. Tall, dancing tube men are great visual noise, catching the eye easily even from far away. Even if someone doesn’t stop in right away, the tube man will leave a lasting impression and the next time they need a wash, your business will be the first to pop up in their head.

The car wash inflatable tube man can be easily based around your location, all you need is an extension cord! You can even move it from place to place to always keep your advertising fresh and exciting. Use multiple tube men with varying messages to advertise special prices, grand openings, or just to extend a warm welcome to those coming in.

Inflatable Car Wash Man Benefits

All businesses should utilize outdoor advertising. Having some form of outdoor advertising near or around your business helps increase your awareness and maximizes your visibility. You should never assume that just because you’re located in a busy part of town that people know that you have a car wash business. 

It’s easy to miss buildings around your town if there is nothing on or near them that draws the eye. A business with lots of colorful signs, flags, and dancing tube men is going to be busier than a business with nothing but their store sign. And if you are to get some form of affordable outdoor advertising for your car wash, why not get one of the best? 

At Feather Flag Nation, we have custom inflatable tube men in 3 different sizes! Our smallest being a 6ft tube man that stands at 8ft on the blower, a 10ft tube man that stands at 12ft on the blower, and an 18ft tube man that stands at 20ft on the blower. All 3 of these tube men are double-sided prints, meaning the front and back will be the same, but we also offer the ability to do a different design on the front and back!


We print directly onto the custom inflatable car wash man, allowing us to print whatever colors, logos, text, images, etc that you need. Yes, this means you can print live images on a tube man! 

We also never sew or stitch the text onto our tube men. Companies that do that have a higher chance of fraying or peeling off over time. These tube men will be active all day long and fraying letters will make your business look unkept and unprofessional.

Purchase a Custom Designed Inflatable Car Wash Man

After reading this I’m sure you’re itching to get started on your custom inflatable car wash man! You can click the image below or click here to submit your FREE design request. One of our talented designers will provide you with a proof (typically within an hour if submitted during business hours) and work one-on-one with you to get your design looking perfect. 

Prefer to do your own artwork? Download our templates here! Even if you do your own artwork, one of our designers will still review everything and make sure your tube man is ready for production.

Standard production time is 3 business days for 1-3 tube men and roughly 3-6 business days for shipping, depending on your location. This means you ca get your custom tube man in as little as 2 weeks!

Be cautious with companies that have a high production time or only allow a minimum quantity of 10 or more for their products. These companies tend to outsource to overseas printers, meaning it could be weeks until your product ships, and then even longer for it to arrive. These companies also can’t offer the quality control that Feather Flag Nation can, as we do all of our printing and shipping in-house from Riverside, CA.

Have additional questions? Contact us!


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