Using a Feather Flag to Increase Your Sales

Many people still do not know that a feather flag exists.  Feather flags are slowly becoming the most important component for outdoor advertising.  Why?  In short, it is simply the most cost-effective way to advertise outdoors and indoors.  These advertising flags have helped increase sales by over 20% or more for many businesses.

What is a Feather Flag?

Before I continue, let me quickly explain what a feather flag is.  A feather flag is an outdoor banner made of a polyester material.  These types of custom flags are also referred to as flag banners, banner flags, swooper flags, advertising flags, and a variety of other names.  The name may be different, but the functionality is the same: an outdoor banner that displays an advertisement.  This advertisement could display your business name, product, promotion, and anything else that would help you bring more traffic to your door.  These signs have become essential for increasing sales for all businesses.

Income Tax Signs
Feather flags above are designed for tax service businesses to bring in more clients.


Feather flags usually come as kits.  A kit consists of the banner flag print, a telescopic flag pole (usually a couple of feet taller than the flag), and your choice of mounting hardware, which is typically either a ground stake or a cross stand.   In addition to these components, a travel bag can also be added to most custom flag kits.  Travel bag neatly stores all of your components for traveling, shipping, or storage purposes.

Feather flag hardware
Feather flag pole kit, ground stake, and cross-stand



How a Feather Flag Increase Sales

The answer to this is as straight forward as you would think – a feather flag is an outdoor advertising sign that helps increase sales.  Signs assist you with displaying a promotion, product, brand, etc.  Without signs in front of your business, it is hard for anyone passing your location to know exactly what products you are offering, what sales are going on, and your location.

Now, lets discuss what makes a feather flag better than other outdoor signs, such as vinyl banners, air inflated dancers, and roll-up banners.  There are three key points I want to cover:  visibility, ease of install, and amount of space required to use it.


Custom feather flags come in a variety of sizes, which makes them usable indoors (malls, trade-shows, swap-meets, etc.) or outdoors (festivals, concerts, sporting events, etc).  Sizes as small as 8ft for indoors, which are easily visible from a distance indoors, and as large as 17ft for easy visibility outdoors.  A flag standing 17ft tall is extremely hard to miss from almost a mile away.

Indoor feather flags
Feather flag easily visible inside a building.

Imagine a really busy outdoor event with thousands of people and booths.  How will you stand out from your competitors all around?  Easy!  Install a 17ft feather flag kit next to your booth or on your tent.  For client’s you speak to ahead of time, simply tell them to look for the large flag with your logo.  Easy visibility will result in more people actually making it to your booth, which in return means more leads!

Now let’s talk about how a brick or mortar business can benefit from a feather flag’s visibility.  Let’s use our imagination again.  Picture a busy shopping center with over a dozen stores.  There is usually a back-lit sign somewhere at the entrance of the plaza that has small squares displaying the name of all the businesses.  How easily can you sort through 12+ signs to see if the business you are looking for is in that shopping center?  Easy to do if you are waking past the location.  But, how easy is it when you are driving by at 45 mph or higher?  Not so easy any more, right?

A feather flag makes it easy for someone to locate your business.  If you install one of these advertising flag kits near the entrance of the shopping center, people will instantly know that you are inside that complex.  Without it, some potential customers will give up and never come.  A feather flag will help eliminate that issue.  Since the flag is visible from a large distance away, your customer will know ahead of time of where to turn, so they won’t miss your location.  Not only do you get your business noticed with ease, you also prevent car accidents and wasted time.

Ease of Install

Feather flag kits are extremely easy to install.  The ground stake can be twisted into most grass or dirt locations.  If your soil is very hard, you can use a mallet to hammer the spike in.  A cross-stand simply opens up and you place it on a flat solid surface (sandbags are needed for outdoor use, due to winds).  The pole kits are even easier to install.  Telescope the pieces together from thickest to thinnest, and then slide the flag on.  It is just as easy as it sounds!

Now let’s compare this to other common outdoor advertising signs, such as vinyl banners, water-snap frames, and yard signs.  Vinyl banners will typically come finished with grommets all around.  To install them, you first have to find a spot outside your business that you can mount them at.  Then, you need to make sure your landlord will allow you to hammer nails at that location.  On top of all of this, you need a hammer, nails, possibly rope and other tools.  This is a lot of effort to install a vinyl banner that may or may not be seen from the road.

Water-snap frames get very heavy when filled with water.   Although they have wheels to move them around, they are still fairly heavy for an average person.  On top of that, the prints are very small (around 3x4ft on average).  That size is very difficult to see from a distance.  The sun can also cause a glare on the print cover.

Now the worst of them all – yard signs!   These are actually very easy to install but they are not the most effective method of advertising.  Great for slow traffic but horrible for busy highways or intersection.  Who can see a 12×14’’ sign when driving past the highway going 55 to 80 MPH?  No one!  At least a vinyl banner can be seen from a distance – not snap frames and yard signs.   These types of signs are great for shops near residential areas, that have a lot of slow traffic.

From all of these examples, it is clear that a feather flag is just far too superior to pass up on.  Low-cost, easy to move around, and lots of freedom when it comes to install locations.  Most kits weigh about 4 to 5 lbs without the mounting hardware, which also the flag pole kits to be easily tied or bracketed to poles, fences, tents, and other locations.

Install Space Required

This may not be a big deal for the majority, but high populated areas in California, New York, Chicago, and other states do not have much room.  With tight spaces, lots of foot traffic, and small units, it becomes increasingly important to be able to use vertical space.  A single feather flag kit can be mounted in a 2.5 x 2.5ft square, which is a very small area (2 or 3 footsteps).  The vertical space these feather flags take up will vary depending on the size that you purchase.

If you are a business in a very tight location, an 8ft feather flag kit will be perfect for areas with a lot of foot traffic.  If you have more space, then you can go with our larger 15ft kits.  The different sizing options allow custom feather flags to be very versatile.  Use them indoors at a trade-show one day, and then mount them outside your business the following.  Travel bags make transportation very easy.

Feather flag install space
Three feather flags easily installed around a small tent.





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