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Cheap Custom Flags

When we say cheap custom flags, we are referring to the price, not the quality! We offer 4 main sizes for our custom standard flags, which are 2×3‘, 3×5‘, 4×6‘, and 5×8‘.  We consider these our 4 standard sizes due to their popularity. I’ll go a little in detail as to what each size is good for!

Custom Flag 2×3

These custom flags are 2 feet high and 3 feet wide.  You can have them finished with grommets, sleeves, or plain hemming.  These are great for use inside or outside.  It is popular among students who want to display things in their dorm.  This flag isn’t overly large or small, so it’s perfect to thumbtack indoors to various locations.  Clients also display this flag on their room doors, on the antennas of their cars, and in various other locations.  If you are looking for a cheap custom flag to display your thoughts, beliefs, or anything else, then this size is perfect for you.

Custom Flag 3×5

This flag size is the most popular.  Due to its popularity, we do have a huge inventory of stock 3×5 flags that you can get for $4.99.    View our stock 3×5 flags category page.   This size is great for indoor and outdoor use.  The two most common uses of this size are on walls, indoors, and outside on smaller flag poles.  These are also great to take to events such as rallies, parades, concerts, or other events. Many clients have had 3×5 custom flags printed to take to concerts such as Coachella and EDC.  The flag is lightweight (about 12oz) and it can be folded to fit in most pockets.

Custom Flag 4×6

The 4×6 flag size is considered a large size.  It can be used indoors if you have a large wall. It is great for large indoor showrooms, such as auto dealerships or furniture stores.  It is also great to use at large indoor trade shows or events.  This size is easiest when used outdoors.  The most common use is on a large outdoor flag pole. Clients have also used this size for graduations to use with their families during pictures. It is also great to use at large outdoor events.  Drape it on your table or in your tent.  You can purchase this flag vertically or horizontally, so you can use it in various ways.

Custom Flag 5×8

This is our largest standard size. It can only be used indoors for buildings that have a huge ceiling, such as indoor conventions, furniture showrooms, or other very large indoor setups. For outdoor use, these are typically used on large flag poles. They can be used for graduations and other events that people take a lot of group photos in, but the flag can be trouble-some to hold due to the 5ft height. We advise using these custom flags at open outdoor locations, such as stages at concerts, graduations, and other special events.

Other Advertising Flag Options

We do have a variety of other options for custom advertising flags and banner flags. Our most popular styles include custom feather flags, teardrop flags, and rectangle flags. All of these are great to use for businesses or individuals to advertise their brand, product, or a special event.

We even offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100! Just use coupon code SAVEMONEY upon checkout.

This blog was updated September 2020, cost to achieve free shipping may vary.

Buy A Custom Flag Today!

At FFN, we believe that a high-quality flag doesn’t have to mean high prices! Reading about our different styles and options…What is stopping you from purchasing a great marketing material, that can boost your sales! 

Have any questions? Contact Us! Send us an email at or give us a call at 1 (877) 900-5692. We are open M-F from 8am-4:30pm PST

We don’t only offer flags as well, we have vinyl banneravenue banners, 2 legged tube man! Each item has been known to show off that business and gain customers! I mean that’s all we want in the end right? So, go buy yourself one today!


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