6ft Air Inflatable Tube Man Custom

An Inflatable Tube Man will Help you Increase Traffic to your Location Fast!

In today’s world, where the average person sees hundreds of signs and posters every single day, getting your message across to potential customers has become such a hard task.

Signs and posters have seemingly become part of the urban environment, and people mindlessly walk or drive past them without giving the slightest attention to the signage. It is because of this challenge of getting your message across to potential customers that Feather Flag Nation came up with an innovative advertisement medium that is sure to get you the attention you are looking for.

This new form of advertisement is the inflatable tube man.

Best Attention Grabbers!


An inflatable tube man is a tube puppet that is powered by an air blower and placed either in front of a business, an event, or a party. Since they are filled with air, the inflatable tube men are constantly in motion, dancing in response to the wind. This makes it impossible to miss. The fact that they are very colorful also makes them easy to spot, and the message printed across the body of the inflatable tube man in large print means that passers-by can see your message from a longer distance compared to using signposts.

Also known as Sky Puppets

Owing to the success of other inflatable tube dancers, Feather Flag Nation has brought a new addition to their stable of sky puppets: the 6ft inflatable tube man. The new addition to the family is quite similar to the other Feather Flag Nation wind tube man dancers. However, at 6 feet, the new wind dancer is much smaller.

Like its bigger brothers (the 20ft dancers), the 6ft tube man dancers are professionally designed, with very excellent construction. After noticing that many people were complaining about the nylon material which is mainly used by other sky puppet brands, Feather Flag Nation took the time to carry out research to find out the best materials for inflatable tube men. The result of the research was a new material that you will love!

6ft Advertising Dancer made from High-Quality Materials


The new material is a special form of polyester that was engineered for strength, which makes the new 6ft sky puppets very durable.

When it comes to buying an inflatable tube man, many people focus on the colors and size and forget that the durability of the sky puppet is an important consideration as well. However, if you have any experience with wind dancers, you know one of the worst things that can happen is to have your inflatable tube man punctured. To ensure that our inflatable tube dancers give you the longest possible service, not only have we come up with new material, but we also manufacture the material ourselves, here in the United States.

Therefore, you are guaranteed that you are buying a tube man made from a durable and high-quality material, not a cheap knock-off from China. This means that your tube man will remain standing even under abuse. You won’t have to keep worrying that kids who want to hug your 6ft inflatable tube man might end up damaging him.

No color Restrictions on our small 6ft tube dancers

Pantone Color Book

Another advantage of using the new material on our new small inflatable puppets is that it is now possible to print full-color images and messages on the sky puppets. Utilizing the new material has also made it possible for us to print images and messages directly onto the body of the tube man while it is inflated, something that is not possible with wind dancers made out of nylon.

The result is that our new 6ft tube man dancers now feature images and messages that are vibrant and rich in color. The benefit to you is that, with these small inflatable puppets, the message and branding on your inflatable tube man can now be consistent with your other branding materials.

Our 6ft inflatable tube man can be used for small family gatherings or events!

The new 6ft sky puppets are well suited for use in a variety of events and occasions. They are the perfect way to bring life to your event or party. If you are holding a holiday celebration, a neighborhood barbeque, a birthday, or even a wedding party, you can bet that the guests will be thrilled by the dancing of the small inflatable puppets. With their sleek moves, arm movements, and unique smiley faces, there’s no doubt that the puppets will make your guests smile.

6ft tube dancers are perfect for small businesses with a tight budget.

Apart from parties, the 6ft tube man dancers are also perfect for business settings. They can be used to attract the attention of passers-by and people driving past your business. The small inflatable puppets can be used at storefronts, gyms, parking lots, auto dealerships, gas stations, car washes, car repair shops, flea markets, vegetable and fruit stands, mobile phone stores, and any other place where you need to attract people within the vicinity to your business.

Small Sky puppets & lowest prices online!

The best part about the 6ft sky puppets by Feather Flag Nation is that they are very pocket-friendly. Feather Flag Nation has the lowest prices online for the small 6ft inflatable tube man. Since Feather Flag Nation holds the patent’s rights to the material used for these small inflatable puppets, you can bet that you are getting an authentic item for such a low price. Unlike other companies that charge by color or letter, Feather Flag Nation is very straightforward. There are no hidden charges, you get everything at the listed price.

Still not enough?

No design fees! 

Ships in just 3 business days!

*Free shipping!

As if that is not enough, Feather Flag Nation does not charge you any design fees. Yes, you heard that right. The design is done for you absolutely free of charge. Feather Flag Nation has a team of professional designers who customize your inflatable tube man to match your requirements. You simply need to give your design requirements and place your order, and your tube man will be ready for shipping within 3 business days.

What’s more, you will even get free shipping on all orders exceeding $100 (this blog was last updated September 2020, free shipping requirements may have changed). Each order also comes with a one-year free repair guarantee on minor damages. You only need to send pictures of the damages on your 6ft inflatable tube man to Feather Flag Nations fantastic customer service representatives and they will get back to you with details on how you will get free repairs for your wind dancer.

With all these, Feather Flag Nation is clearly your best bet for 6ft tube man dancers. If you are interested in having a 6ft inflatable tube man for your business or event, you can contact Feather Flag Nation through sales@featherflagnation.com or submit a request for your free design by clicking here.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products. All custom products are made in-house in our Riverside, CA location.

Have any questions? Contact Us! Send us an email at sales@featherflagnation.com or give us a call at 1 (877) 900-5692. We are open M-F from 8am-4:30pm PST


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