5 Tips for Outdoor Advertising for Car Dealerships

Car Dealership Feather Flags 101: A Complete Guide

Do you own a car or auto dealership and need help advertising? Maybe you’re located on a street with lots of other dealerships to compete with. This is where having car dealership feather flags can make a substantial difference!

Feather Flag Nation offers a variety of custom and in-stock feather flags to choose from! These car dealership feather flags are great for indoor or outdoor use and can help make your business stand out. When it comes to being a dealership, standing out is a key factor in catching peoples’ attention and catching their eye. This will make them want to stop by and check out what you have to offer.

Custom Designed Car Dealership Feather Flags

Use Flags as Markers for Your Lot

While we do have a variety of in-stock car dealership feather flags to choose from (we’ll get to those soon!), nothing can really compete with the personalization of a custom feather flag.

Custom flags may be the extra little push your business needs to gain more attention and continue beaming. If your business is located on a busy street or intersection, it may be hard to stand out against your surroundings. Even if you have a big lot that showcases your cars that are available for purchase, that doesn’t mean people are looking as they drive or walk by.

Custom feather flags can help mark your business location, advertise any sales or specials you may have, show off the variety of cars you have, and more! If your lot is large, use feather flags to mark off specific sections, or as a way to determine your property line. You can even use them to direct traffic into your parking lot by parking specific locations for trade-ins, service, potential buyers, and more. This can help create a clear and constructive guide of what your business has to offer.

Dealerships are some of our most prominent customers and custom car dealership feather flags are an effective form of advertising that you may be missing out on. Auto dealer flags can be used again and again to keep bringing in customers. FFN even offers free design services to create the perfect custom flag! Let us know what you want, and our team of experienced designers can help catapult your business into a breathtaking and professional place!

Car Dealership Feather Flag Sizes & Prices

At FFN, we offer custom feather flags in seven different sizes. With all of our sizes, you can get the flag as a single or double-sided print with no design restrictions! We can do the design for you, or you can download our templates and create your own custom design! 

The sizes we offer are as follows: 

all custom feather flag sizes

As mentioned earlier, there are nearly no design restrictions for our custom flags! This means you can use whatever colors, text, images, logos, etc that you’d like. This gives you a carefree look into what we can offer for your business. If something may not work, we’ll always let you know and give suggestions. 

Our pricing remains the most competitive in the field without compromising quality or customer service. Keeping money in your pockets to better expand your business is what we’re all about.  

With our flag kits, you will have the option to choose between the ground spike or cross base for your mounting hardware. The ground spike can be easily pushed into the grass or dirt. The cross base can be used indoors or outdoors as long as it’s on a flat surface.

We have a variety of other hardware options to choose from if you’re looking for a different base! We even have a car wheelbase that fits snug against the wheel of almost any car. This is great for auto dealer flags as you can mark the location of specific car brands, 4 wheel drives, trucks, and more!

Feather Flag Kit with Car Wheel Base - Different Base Options

What are the Benefits of Having Feather Flags at a Car Dealership?

Studies have shown that on average, 37% of those surveyed do look at outdoor advertisements while driving. If your business doesn’t have outdoor advertising materials, then you could be missing out on countless potential customers! 

Not only can car dealership feather flags help raise awareness and bring in more foot traffic to your business, but they’re also easy to use, portable, and interchangeable! This means you can change up your advertising with new and different flags and by moving your flags around. 

Once you have the hardware for your flag, you can simply switch out the flags! The flags do have to be the same size, but this means you can simply order new flags instead of the full kit. This helps free up the exclusivity of having a custom flag with the price point of just a replacement.

By swapping out the flags regularly, you can advertise different sales, specials, or deals your business may be offering. You can even use custom flags to showcase employee of the month, new products, and so much more! Feather flags aren’t just for pushing sales, but can also be used to decorate your lot and give customers eye-catching designs to emit exuberance as they shop.

If your custom flag is double-sided, you can even have two different messages on the flag! Use one side to greet those coming in and the other side to thank them as they leave. This creates a fundamentally sound environment inside your business and guarantees an enjoyable experience for all who stop in. There really is no limit to the different designs you can accomplish with custom car dealership feather flags.

Grab Attention with Custom Flags

In-Stock Car Dealership Feather Flags

Maybe your business is on a budget, or you want to test out our flags before committing to something custom, we get that! We also have over 600 in-stock feather flags to choose from. These flags are going to be 12ft tall, standing at 15ft on their hardware, and are single-sided prints. Keep in mind that you can still see through to the other side on our single-sided flags (the design is just a reverse.)

We even have in-stock flag categories to help filter through and find exactly what you need, from car dealerships to car repair shops. These feather flags are a great investment for your business that help keep customers informed and your business right in view.

In-Stock Auto Repair Flags

In-Stock Feather Flags Click to View - Auto Repair

In-Stock Auto Dealership Flags

In-Stock Feather Flags Click to View - Auto Shop

Just like we discussed with our custom flags, these in-stock flags can also be swapped out once you have the hardware. The in-stock flags by themselves start at $14.99, making it cheap and easy to order replacements. 

If you try out our in-stock flags and decide you want to order something custom, you can order our custom 12ft flag and it will fit the in-stock flag poles from your previous purchase! This makes switching between stock and custom designs easy and quick, without having to bother will multiple sets of hardware.

Stock flags can be a great way to test out the effectiveness of our flags. Once you see how great they are, you can order that custom flag and really take your advertising to the next level.

Purchase Your Custom Car Dealership Feather Flags Today!

Advertise your car or auto dealership with in-stock or custom feather flags! We offer free expert design services to help you create the perfect flag. 

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Feather flags could be the missing link between you and more potential customers. Having these outdoor advertising flags can help increase awareness of your brand and encourage people to stop by who may otherwise have driven right past. Don’t go unnoticed in today’s busy world!

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