why every business needs an inflatable tube man

Why Every Business Needs an Air Powered Dancer Guys

Air Powered Dancer Tube Man - A Must-Have for Every Business

There are not many cheap signs that help you begin creating impressions right away. Our inflatable air powered dancer tube men and a variety of advertising flags are one of those unique items that actually cost very little but help tremendously. The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) has concluded that on-premises signs cost much less per impression than any other form of advertising.

These dancing tube men can help you increase foot traffic by up to 20% (if not more) by using it daily at your storefront. Surveys done have shown that on-site signage typically increases foot traffic between 20-50%, compared to  8% for the newspaper, 2% for radio advertising, and 5% for television advertising.

If used properly, these sky dancers can help a new business grow quickly or they can help break through that sales plateau for existing businesses.

What is an Inflatable Tube Man?

An inflatable tube man is a tube that comes with a face, body, arms, and hair. The typical size is 18feet high for an air powered dancer, with an overall height of 20ft with the air blower motor.

The motor will blow air through the body of the puppet, which then shoots out through the arms and head of the dancer. When the air flows through the fly guy, it makes it dance around by having its body and arms bend in different directions. This motion is what distracts eyes to your location then the text on the body is what creates your impression.

The complete body of the air-powered dancer can be customized with your own designs, which include full-color logos, live images, and any other PANTONE or PMS color you would like to use.

Air Blower Motor

The blower is simply a casing with a 1 horsepower motor inside. You usually will have two settings: 1 for standard use and another for windier days. Setting 2 will allow for more power output to have your air powered dancer resist a little more air.

Power is required to start up the air blower so for most uses an extension cord is typically needed. Since the noise is considered loud, you would want to use it at least 20 or more feet away from your front door.  Sidewalk and parking lot use is highly advised for optimal visibility and impressions.

The top of the air blower will have a velcro attachment around the circumference. The inflatable tube man will come with velcro at the base to attach to this location. Tightly fasten the base of the puppet to the outside rim of the blower, plug in the power, and put it to setting 1.

What Makes Our Inflatables Better than the Competitors?

There are several key things that make Feather Flag Nations tube men better than the rest. The first and most important is that we craft and import our own materials. We’ve crafted our inflatables polyester material from the ground up and we continue to improve it batch by batch. This flex material is the best for tube men because it allows for printing of full-color graphics and it also doesn’t deteriorate quickly like nylon.

We also do not sew our graphics to the body (some of our competitors call it “embroidering”, which isn’t correct), so unlike our competitor’s “air dancers” that you see on the web, our graphics will not start peeling off over time. You can actually grab this material, punch it, hug it, and abuse it. Unlike nylon, our material will not pop, unless you actually are trying hard to do so.

We also craft our custom inflatable tube men in-house. Yes, we make them in the USA. This means great quality control, high-quality craftsmanship, customer service by an American, and quick support for any issues that you may have.

Oh, and when you purchase from us, you will be stimulating the American economy, not China or another foreign location.

We don’t use Nylon material.  

This is important! Never buy an inflatable tube man that is made of nylon. We tried this, it doesn’t last long, it’s a horrible material for any inflatable.

Nylon fades quickly, you have limited colors, forced to sew letters and graphics (could not be printed on), had a limited life span, and graphics eventually started flying off. Nylon was never designed for use as an inflatable.

Air Dancer - Nylon material

The black tube on the left is made of a nylon material with the letters sewn on. This inflatable air powred dancer man was used for a few months outdoors. You can notice that the nylon material has lost its texture, the graphics have already begun peeling off, and the material itself just looks very damaged and bad.

The image on the right shows our inflatable tube man, which has the graphics directly printed to the material. Notice how the color is not getting that glossy textured look. The colors look bright and vibrant. The black is not turning into a glossy gray and none of the graphics are peeling off!

How unprofessional would your business look when people see letters peeling off your air powered dancer? Stop wasting money on low-end inflatables that turn into the trash after a few months of use. Stop restricting your branding to save a few dollars. Brand your business or promote your product properly, with a professionally designed full-color custom tube dancer. Your image is everything, stop ruining it with low-quality goods from China or other foreign places.

Air Powered Dancers: Quick Returns on Investment

Now that we know a bit more about a dancing tube man, let’s discuss numbers. If you have one of our competitor’s 18 diameter air blower with the Velcro attachment, then you can simply buy a replacement tube man for $149.99. We will even give you free shipping on orders over $150.

Let’s say to break even, your sales have to be three times what you spent on the dancer. That would only be $14.99 in extra sales per day for a whole month to have a return on your investment. This is easily doable by almost all businesses.

Most can even make their money back in a few days (Furniture stores, tiles, hot-tubs, electronics, etc). You’ve made back your investment within the first month, now the remainder of the days will be free advertising. With a properly designed and placed wind dancer, you can increase your traffic by over 20% with ease.

More clients, more sales, and more profits for only $149.99? No business would want to pass up on this opportunity. This is why every business needs an air dancer.

Our website currently has all items marked down 20% or more. Order over $100 and use coupon code SAVEMONEY to get free shipping on your order. This blog was updated October 2020. Requirements for free shipping are subject to change. Buy now and save!

How to Maximize Impressions with an Air Powered Dancer Tube Man

Air powered dancers are great on their own but to maximize impression and foot traffic to your door, pairing them with some of our advertising flags is recommended. Our stock flag banners are great for low budgets or our custom feather flags and rectangle flags for larger budgets. Remember, custom flags with your business logo, product, and slogan are a must for branding. Your brand is your image, portray it professionally.

Have any questions? Contact Us! Send us an email at sales@featherflagnation.com or give us a call at 1 (877) 900-5692. We are open M-F from 8am-4:30pm PST


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