what is effective advertising

What is Effective Advertising?

What is Effective Advertising?

So, you’re wondering what makes effective advertising? Let’s first start with what is¬†advertising? Advertising is the activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services.

Every business will advertise at some point. Effective advertising will help gain awareness of your business and let people know what you have to offer. Advertising is essential for any business as it will help you compete with other similar companies, raise brand awareness, and increase sales. Without effective advertising, you risk not being as recognizable as your competitors, and in turn, having less success.

With that being said, effective advertising is going to be advertising that you do for your business or company that you see a positive turnover for. After an ad campaign ends, you want to have earned more than you spent on the campaign. This is how you know the advertisement was successful. If your ad campaign ends and your company lost money over that time, that means the campaign was not successful and you should re-evaluate how you advertise in the future.


Why Is Advertising so Important to Business?

Effective advertising is something every business should be using. Without it, you rely simply on your location and word of mouth to spread awareness for your business. While this is a valid way to spread information, you miss a larger audience without effective advertising. 

Advertising is a vital part of any business, brand, company, school, and more. You don’t have to be selling a product to benefit from effective advertising. Advertisements are also used to announce events or things like movies or tv shows. Advertising’s main goal to¬†gain attention to whatever the ad is for.

Now more than ever it’s easier to advertise to a wide group of people. Before, advertisements were mainly limited to TV, radio, billboards, magazines/newspapers, etc. While those are all still valid forms of advertising, there are even more choices out there thanks to the digital age. It’s becoming easier to do ad campaigns throughout platforms such as Youtube, podcasts, social media, Twitch, and more.¬†

While there are more and more ways to advertise your business, company, or store, that also means there is more and more competition out there. This should encourage you to advertise even more than you already are. The more platforms you advertise on, the higher chance you have of gaining new traction to your store or website. Remember, it doesn’t always have to be about selling a product but can also be about¬†raising awareness.

When it comes to effective advertising for your business, you can choose to hire an ad agency, or you can do the advertisement yourself. If your business has a dedicated marketing team, they should be able to come up with fun, creative ads that will help bring in new customers. 

Promotion of Products and Services

use facebook ads to create promotions

A big reason companies choose to advertise is to promote a product or sale that they’re offering. If your business has a new item, a special sale, clearing inventory, a new location, etc, you should run an ad campaign to help bring awareness to you. How are potential customers going to know you have a new sale if you don’t showcase it anywhere but inside your store?¬†

An easy way to spread a message is by using social media. Most companies these days have some form of social media presence, whether that’s¬†Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube,¬†etc. Whatever social media platform your business uses, you should always keep it up to date with any new products or sales you have.

Of course, you don’t want to spam your account and anyone follow you with constant ads. Social media can be a place to connect with customers as well, so while you should advertise on your social media platform, keep in mind the more sales-y your account is, the less likely people will be to follow. That being said, you can also use social media to promote ad campaigns. You can pay the platforms to push specific posts, or you can create ad-specific posts that won’t be on your feed, but instead will show up on other peoples’ feed, giving you more exposure.

If you’re using effective advertising, you should see a turnaround on the product you’re advertising for. If you sell a service, you should see more inquiries about your services and a positive turnover, although it may not be as immediate. A good way to measure the success of an ad is by monitoring the increase in sales, foot traffic, and website hits. This will help you see patterns and determine the success of your ad.

You don’t only have to advertise a product or service, though. You can also sponsor events such as sporting events, festivals, carnivals, and more. This is referred to as indirect advertising and is popular with bigger companies such as¬†Nike. Think about red carpet events, stadiums, festivals, etc that have¬†step and repeat banners¬†or¬†flags showing the logo of the sponsors. This is a great way to have your business be seen by a variety of new (and maybe old) customers that may not have been aware of your business beforehand!

Increasing Brand Awareness

Going off of that, another big reason you should utilize effective advertising is to bring in more brand awareness. Brand awareness refers to peoples’ abilities to recall or recognize your business.

Getting your brand showcased in different areas, even if it’s not advertising a specific product, can still bring in new customers for you. Due to us being in the digital age, it’s easy for people to see a logo or company name and do a Google search on your business. The point of having brand awareness is to keep yourself at the forefront of your customer’s minds, even if they don’t need your product or service right now.

The more people you have looking for you online, even if they don’t immediately buy or stop in, can even help increase your chances of showing up in other Google searches. This is important especially if your business does not have an immediate product to purchase, such as an auto shop.¬†

If your business is more about selling a service, brand awareness is very important as you want people to keep you in mind. While a potential customer may not need an oil change right now, the next time they do need one, you want them to think of your shop first. By having your brand out in digital and print advertisements, you keep your name fresh in their mind and increase your chances of them coming to your shop the next time they need service done to their car.

Easy ways to raise brand awareness is to have outdoor signage and social media ads that circulate. By having signage close to your location, whenever someone walks or drives by they will be more likely to look in your direction and make a note of what you have to offer. With social media or other digital ads, you can keep your brand appearing online as well, gaining even more attention.

Affordable Types of Advertising

There is a multitude of ways you can effective advertising for your business. The top 10 most common forms of advertising are display ads, social media ads, newspapers/magazines, outdoor advertising, radio & podcasts, direct mail & personal sales, video ads, product placement, event marketing, and email marketing.

While all of the above are examples of effective advertising, not every one of those examples will work for your business. Some forms of effective advertising are more expensive than others. It’s important to do your research and see what kind of ad would work best for you and your business.¬†

Social media ads and outdoor signage are some of the easiest, and most cost-efficient advertising you can do. 

Social media advertising is easy and a great way to advertise your services online. With social media ads, you get to create the image and write a caption that you think will draw people in. And, once you have the ad done, you can use it for multiple platforms! One of the best advantages social media ads have over other forms of online advertising is the cost can be controlled easily by you! 

¬†A lot of platforms, like¬†Facebook¬†or¬†Instagram, will allow you to set a budget for your ad. This is great because you don’t have to worry about being overcharged! Set your price, upload the ad, and the platforms will showcase your ad within the price perimeters you give. Sometimes you can even get a starting credit on your first ad, saving you even more!

Outdoor signage¬†is another great and affordable way to advertise for your business. An obvious form of outdoor advertising that comes to mind may be a billboard. Billboards are great as they’re seen by hundreds to thousands of people a day, but they can become pretty cost-heavy after a while. Most billboard companies charge a monthly fee that can be anywhere from $750 up to $15,000 a month depending on where the billboard is located and whether or not it’s a digital or physical billboard.

Even at the lower range of $750, that can add up after a few months and you may not see a return on profit. Another great form of outdoor signage that is more cost-efficient is feather flags. Feather flags are tall, slender flags that can be used indoors or outdoors to advertise your business. 

If you get your flags from¬†Feather Flag Nation,¬†you can choose from our¬†in-stock feather flag collection (consisting of over 600 flags!). These flags are great for a business on a budget because you can get the¬†flag, pole kit,¬†and¬†ground spike for under $60! Better yet, once you’ve purchased your flags, there are no additional fees. You can place them wherever you’d like (keeping within any city guidelines you may have) and keep them up for as long as you’d like.¬†

Custom Outdoor Advertising Options

Along with our collection of¬†600 in-stock feather flags,¬†Feather Flag Nation also has¬†custom feather flags available. These flags can help you stand out even more than our stock ones as you can choose whatever colors, logos, images, text, etc that you’d like. You can even use the hardware from our¬†stock flags with your¬†custom flag (given the custom flag is our 12ft flag size).

With our custom flags, we offer seven different sizes: 5ft flag/6ft kit, 6ft flag/8ft kit, 8ft flag/10ft kit, 10ft flag/12ft kit, 12ft flag/15ft kit (our most popular size and the same size as our stock flags), 14ft flag/16ft kit, and a 15ft flag/17ft kit. All of our custom flags can be made as single or double-sided prints.

Along with our feather flags, we also have¬†3×5 flags, inflatable tube men, vinyl banners, and more outdoor signage you can customize. All of these products can be designed to fit your needs. You can even get something like a¬†step and repeat banner to bring with your to trade shows or to send to events you may be sponsoring.¬†

In Conclusion

Effective advertising is any form of advertising that you do for your business or company. An effective ad should produce a positive turnover rate, meaning you gain more traction and/or sales once the ad campaign is over. An effective ad should evoke emotion in the viewer and encourage them to check out what your business or brand has to offer.

Advertising is an essential necessity to any business or brand. It’s hard to be successful without advertising, as ads allow old and new customers to see your brand and keep you in mind. Raising brand awareness for your business will help keep you at the forefront of potential customers’ minds. The point of an effective advertisement is¬†to get noticed!

While there are tons of ways you can advertise your store, social media and outdoor signage are some of the easiest and more cost-efficient ways you can advertise. Set your own prices through Facebook or Instagram to keep your ads within budget. Or, get stock or custom feather flags to keep outside and around your business, constantly giving you exposure!

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