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10 Local Marketing Hacks to Stay Ahead in 2021

How Important is Marketing Your Business Outdoors?

Here at Feather Flag Nation, the authority in quality and reliable flags, banners and more, we sell hundreds of thousands of flags each year to help local businesses and large businesses alike grow their reach among communities. A cut above the rest, we at Feather Flag Nation strive to provide eye-catching designs that help businesses grow. Now lets get into 10 Local Marketing Hacks to Stay Ahead in 2021.

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How can you market your business effectively?

Outdoor marketing can be one of the most effective ways to raise awareness and increase visibility among your brand and business. Simplistic designs that both grab the attention of your prospective clientele and inform them of what your business can do for them can be a massive advantage to driving more people in. Creating a consistent and unforgettable brand identity that is eye-catching and visually appealing can be a huge plus for marketing your business. 

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What type of advertisement works best?

Feather flags, signs, banners, tube men and the like can prove to be a great asset to boost traffic. You miss 100% of the shots you do not take. Having little to no advertising on your storefront is the marketing equivalent of not entering the game at all. People who pass by a business with no advertisements or signage are statistically much less likely to enter or even find your business. Displaying advertisements and graphics that truly attract customers to your business is vital in making your business actionable. 

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What do Feather Flags do?

Promotion flags and banners can add a new dimension of brand visibility. Flags and banners allow striving businesses to jump out a give a clear, concise, and effective visual on what your business has to offer. Giving your community a clear idea of what you do specifically is a key part in marketing your business.

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How do I create a lasting impression on my customers?

Whether a customer is simply walking or driving by your business, you always want to make a lasting impression. Branded promotional graphics create a fantastic way of catching the attention of your community.  Reinforcing your advertising has been proven to be highly effective in driving traffic and sales in many different environments.

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How should I design my advertisements?

Color can be a huge factor in grabbing attention. Having bright colors that don’t blend into the surroundings of your business makes it easy for your customers to see your business and be directed in the right way. Keeping a playful yet professional look to your graphics is also an important part of being recognized as a legitimate brand. Many times, businesses both small and large, have taken their marketing a step too far, resulting in the infamous ‘cancel culture’ driving down sales and engagement. Professional and simplistic designs seem to always work best in gaining both the trust of your community and those around you. 


What should I avoid when designing advertisements?

Text, otherwise known as copy, is also a large topic at hand shown to be a key factor in promotional advertisements. If the text or design is difficult to read or understand, people that view it will be confused and will pass it on as an illegitimate business and may even leave a bad taste in their mouth. Designs such as the one below are great examples of what NOT to do with your promotional graphics.

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How do I create a good first impression?

Sometimes the outdoor signage in front of your business is the first thing potential customers see. Most businesses keep their signs near conspicuous and use bright colors and bold text to attract customers’ attention. Making these graphics informative enough to drive in people who desire to know more is an easy way to turbo-charge your community engagement.


Why should I use outdoor marketing to grow my business?

Here are some pros to using outdoor promotional graphics:

          It Increases brand recognition by displaying your company’s information in extraordinarily creative ways. This helps the business create a lasting impression that will help drive in business. Using outdoor advertising complements any and all brand recognition strategies that exist and continue to be proven to grow your audience and community.

          It targets your specific location(s) based upon the industry applicable. Location matters, especially in a community and giving your customers a visual representation of what you are truly about will be a key factor in growing your business. It will remind consumers about your business and what you offer constantly on their daily commute.

          Outdoor advertising can be one of the best ways to promote your business. The constant viewing of your advertisements gives an amazing and appealing look into exactly what you can offer your community.

          The variability of locations to advertise. Putting up these types of promotional graphics allows you to be creative on where you place them. Driving in sales and traffic is shown to be a constant effect of this type of advertising.

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What design principles should I implement in my advertisements?

Keeping designs simplistic and bright quickly brings in new customers. Legible type, bright colors and just the right amount of information is a major part of effective advertising.


Where should I put my advertisements?

Placing your outdoor promotional graphics is high-traffic areas is a great way to show your community your business. Places like street corners, plazas, and even malls can be fantastic places to advertise. The more people that view your advertisement, the more people that can be persuaded into visiting your business. Advertising outdoors covers all the bases in regard to growing community engagement with your business. This marketing form relies solely on the surroundings of your business to make a point on what you can offer. Most importantly, fully understanding your business locations, traffic patterns, community engagement, design principles and fundamentals, is critical to making this tactic successful and creating a fundamentally sound and effective form of advertising your business.

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