Trade Show Feather Flags 101 - A Complete Guide

Trade Show Feather Flags 101: A Complete Guide

Trade Show Feather Flags 101

When preparing for a trade show, it’s important to make sure you have all the advertising products you need. It’s important to make sure you have cohesive advertising throughout your trade show event. This will help establish your brand and makes it easier for people at the event to recognize your company.

Business cards, tents, table cloths, flyers, flags, lanyards, and vinyl banners are some common custom products used at trade show events. At Feather Flag Nation, we can help you design and create perfect trade show feather flags. With our free design services, let us help you create the best design for your flag!

Custom Designed Trade Show Feather Flags

Let¬†FFN help with the hassle of making¬†custom flags by helping you design your own personal trade show banners. With our¬†digital printing process, we have nearly no design restrictions for our custom flags. This means you can use whatever colors, logos, text, or images you’d like!¬†

Feather Flag Nation offers completely free design services! All you have to do is fill out the free design request form letting us know what you want on your flag, then one of our talented designers will email you back a proof. From there, you work one-on-one with your designer to get your custom trade show banners and signs designed to perfection. 

We also understand some companies have specific colors and branding guidelines to follow. Because of this, you and your team may want to do your own custom design. No worries there! We also have templates available for download so you can create your own custom flag design. 

Whether or not you choose to have us create your proof, or you provide your own artwork, we will always review your artwork and make sure everything is ready for production. If something (like colors or images) may not work, we’ll let you know and offer suggestions on how to make your custom design flawless!¬†

No matter what, we always require final approval on all designs once payment is received. This is to ensure that we are using the correct artwork and your design is perfect for you. 

Trade Show Feather Flag Sizes & Prices

When it comes to trade show¬†feather flags, size matters! Trade show events can be indoors or outdoors, and it’s important to be prepared for wherever you may have to set up. If the event is indoors, a¬†large feather flag may be too big for the space given, thus being useless.

Feather Flag Nation offers our custom feather flags in seven different sizes! This makes finding the perfect size flag for your event easy. Our sizes are as follows: 

With all of these sizes, you have the option to do a single or double-sided flag along with all of the appropriate hardware. With our hardware, you can mount your flags indoors or outdoors!

With our custom feather flag kits, you will have the option to choose between our ground spike or cross base for your mounting hardware. The ground spike can be easily pushed into grass or dirt for outdoor use.

But, most trade events are indoors, so if that’s the case for you, our cross base¬†will be perfect! This base can be used indoors or outdoors on any flat surface.

We have other mounting hardware options to choose from as well. Our flat base can also be used indoors or outdoors on any flat surface. We also have a car wheelbase mount that fits around standard tires. This base is popular for outdoor events, food trucks, and more.

We even have a travel bag that can be added to our kits. With the travel bag, you can store one pole kit, one ground spike OR cross base, and up to two flags. This makes traveling to these trade shows with your flags easy and hassle-free! With our travel bag, you do have to get the fiberglass flexible tip pole kit as our pre-curved full aluminum pole kit will not fit in the bag.

What are the Benefits of Having Feather Flags at Trade Shows?

Now, you may be thinking to yourself “Will feather flags really help me?” and the answer is yes!

Having trade show feather flags can help your business stand out in the crowd. Walking into a big event or convention can be overwhelming with all the vendors. Having tall feather flags will draw eyes to your booth and give people walking in a place to start!

By having consistent branding throughout, paired with custom feather flags, your booth is going to stand out from everyone around you. It also makes it easier for interested people to find and recognize your business. 

With¬†custom feather flags, you’ll be able to control the message and design. You can even use them to direct people to your booth by placing them around the event. This is where our smaller trade show feather flags can come in handy!¬†

With our smaller feather flags, like our 5ft flag/6ft kit or 6ft flag/8ft kit, you can place them around the event encouraging people to stop by your booth. You can even make the flags interactive with QR Codes and other elements to encourage people to check out your business. 

You can even do have contests or challenges for people to complete! Use one of our custom vinyl banners to create a fun backdrop for people to take photos in front of. You can have them post the photos with a hashtag specific to your company and offer incentives if they do so. 

There are so many ways trade show feather flags can be utilized for your business!

Purchase your Custom Trade Show Feather Flags Today!

If you’re ready to start your trade show¬†feather flags, you can submit a free design request by clicking here!

Want to create your own artwork? Download our templates here.

For your next trade show event, make sure you’re prepared with all the¬†advertising products that you need. Presentation and first impressions matter, and having¬†custom feather flags or banners can help you stand apart and encourage people to stop by your booth and check out what your business has to offer.

With seven different sizes to choose from, we’re bound to have a trade show¬†feather flag that is perfect for you!¬†Click here to see the list of sizes.¬†

We even have over 600 in-stock feather flags to choose from! These flags are all 12ft tall, standing at 15ft on their hardware. Stock flags are great for smaller businesses on a budget, or to advertise your business even outside of the trade show.

At¬†Feather Flag Nation, our goal is to provide high-quality custom advertising products at an affordable cost to you. We never outsource to other counties, meaning your¬†custom flags are going to be printed and shipped within the US. This means when you purchase from us, you’re supporting a local, US business.


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