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Outdoor Signage 101 – The Most Popular Signs for 2021

Popular Forms of Outdoor Signage

Signs. It can get overwhelming when it comes to picking what signs to use for your business. With literally hundreds of different options, costs can quickly add up. A lot of outdoor signage quickly becomes a money sink with no returns. But outdoor advertising is important and if done properly, can help increase foot traffic to your location by nearly 20%! 

At Feather Flag Nation, we believe every business only needs three main signs: custom flags, air dancers, and vinyl banners. With the combination of these three items, you can easily create an advertising campaign that will result in more traffic and sales.

Custom Flags

Top of the list of must-have outdoor signs would be feather flags. These flag banners come in a variety of sizes, so they can be used indoors and outdoors. These are our most popular banner flags because they are easy to install, lightweight, and portable.

If you are a new business on a budget, we have over 600 low-cost stock feather flag designs for you to choose from. At only $49 for a complete flag kit, they become affordable for all budgets. We have flags for auto dealerships, restaurants, auto repair shops, cellular dealers, grand openings, churches, and many other categories.

Our custom feather flags are great for any business with a slightly higher budget. These custom flags can be customized with your own text and graphics. Due to our full-color print process, advertising your brand becomes a breeze. Simply send us your product images, company logos, and the text you would like on your outdoor sign.   We’ll have our professional designers create the perfect design for you to advertise your product.

Custom Air Dancers

These inflatable tube men are something we’ve been working to perfect over the last decade. We initially started with the nylon material for our puppets, but after much testing and customer feedback, it was time to move in another direction. After much testing, we’ve perfected a new proprietary polyester material for our air dancers.

This new material allows for a more durable sky dancer, which doesn’t pop by simply grabbing it. Additionally, it also lets you create a full-color custom puppet. That’s right, full-color live images, full-color logos, and any other graphics that you like. We do not embroider our text to some cheap nylon material that all of our competitors do.

Custom Vinyl Banners

We can’t leave out the most original form of advertising for businesses: vinyl banners. The signs world started with vinyl and it still reigns supreme over the majority of other indoor or outdoor signage. Vinyl is a lightweight material that allows you to print full-color graphics on it.

Our banners come hemmed all around with grommets every 2 feet, which allows for easy install with either nails, rope, or even thumbtacks (depending on the size). Vinyl prints are also cheap and have a quick 2-3 business day turn-around time, making them great for all last-minute advertising.


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