Flags for Festivals in 2021

Most Popular Flags for Festivals

Our most popular feather flags for festivals and fairs would be our solid colored feather flags. We have a huge selection of stock solid colored banner flags that are only $14.99 per replacement flag. The complete kit is currently at a discounted price of $49. Visit our solid colored flutter flag section by clicking here. If you are trying to brand your product, food, or booth location then it is always best to go with a custom printed feather flag. Custom flags are available in single-sided and double-sided flag prints. We are running deeply discounted specials for custom banner flag kits. CLICK HERE to visit the product purchase page.

These flutter flags are available in two sizes: an 8ft kit (comes with a 6ft flag) or a 15ft kit (comes with a 12ft feather flag). The sleeve colors are typically black for the larger sizes. For the smaller sizes, they do vary.  If you have any questions regarding these flags or any other items, please email us at sales@featherflagnation.com. Our customer service department is always happy to help answer any questions or take orders over the phone.

How to Mount the Solid Feather Flags

The most common method of mounting these banner flags is with a ground spike. The ground spike is made of heavy-duty metal is the most stable mounting option. Simply hammer or twist the ground spike into the ground, put the feather flag onto the telescoped pole kit, and slide the assembled flag into the ground spike. Assembly and installation take less than a minute! Easy install, easy life! These flags are up in the air swooping and fluttering in the wind with little to no effort.

The above image shows a simple setup of feather flags at the location of a parking lot. These feather flags are installed with our 4pc heavy-duty full aluminum pole kits and our sturdy ground spikes. The banner flags are set up a few feet apart and in a “V” shaped setup to add decor to the location. The walkway is between the feather flags which is the perfect setup. Customers walking to and from the parking lot will walk through a decorated entrance and exit with beautiful flags around them. This setup also functions as a parking marker for clients. Simply tell them to “go to the solid colored tall flags” for parking.

Other Feather Flags for Festivals

We also have a lot of other stock feather flag designs for outdoor events. In addition to solid colors, we also have messages such as “Entrance,” “Exit,” “Tickets,” “ATM Inside,” “Registration,” and many other slogans to use at your next event. These are a must-have for all carnivals and fairs. The banner flags serve as markers and advertising! If you are looking for the best bang for your buck then our outdoor advertising feather flags are it! With hundreds of flag designs to choose from, we can cater to all budgets.

We provide generous discounts to large corporations and event organizers. Working at EDC, Coachella, Burning Man, or other large concerts or festivals? Contact us for discounted bulk pricing. We love to show off our feather flags at large events!


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