renting vs buying an inflatable tube man

Renting vs Buying an Inflatable Tube Man

Should You Rent or Buy an Inflatable Tube Man?

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If you’ve ever driven past a car dealership, car wash, furniture store, or even seen that one scene in Family Guy you’ve seen an inflatable tube man. These wacky dancers are great forms of advertising for businesses, but also can be used for parties and events! They come in a range of sizes and there are no limits to what tube dancers can be used for.

Inflatable tube men don’t have to be used for only businesses or stores, though. They make great additions to outdoor festivals or events and have even been used for birthday parties! But depending on your needs, you may not necessarily need to buy a tube man.Ā 

So, what about renting one?Ā 

If you only need yourĀ tube dancer for a day or a small period of time, renting a dancer may be the better option for you. There are pros and cons to both, so let’s talk about those!

Which is a Better Choice?

The best option is all dependent on you and your needs. How do you plan on using yourĀ inflatable tube man? Do you need it for a one-time party or event or will it be used on a regular basis?

If you are a business owner, buying aĀ tube man will benefit you more in the long run than renting. If you are a parent trying to spruce up your kid’s party, then renting would be a viable option.Ā 

Let’s say you’re a business owner who wants to advertise a one-time sale. Should you buy or rent? While renting may seem like the quick, easy, and sometimes cheaper option, buying will give you more freedom in the future.Ā 

One thing about these air dancers is once you have anĀ air blower for the tube, you can simply swap out yourĀ tube man as needed. Even if you’re having a one-time sale, you can get aĀ custom inflatable tube man that says “ONE TIME SALE” and use that specific tube man for special occasions. Once the sale is over, you can reuse the blower and get a “WELCOME,” “OPEN,” or otherĀ customĀ orĀ in-stock tube man body to keep eyes on your business.

Feather Flag Nation sellsĀ in-stock tube men’s bodies for $74.99! So once you have thatĀ air blower, you’ll be able to get the tube bodies for a good price. And since you’ll own that dancer, you can use it for as long as you need. You also don’t have to worry about restrictions since it’sĀ yourĀ air dancer.

When to Consider Renting an Inflatable Tube Man

For people on a budget who plan to use their tube man once, renting would likely be the better option. There are things to consider when renting a tube dancer, but they are best for anyone who needs their dancer for a small period of time. I would really only recommend renting an air dancer if you know you will not need it again.Ā 

While the buying price of a blower andĀ dancer can seem costly compared to the price of renting, you have to also consider the return on profit. If you won’t be making any money when using the tube man (think birthday parties, retirements, one-time events at school, etc), then renting is the smartest financial choice for you.Ā 

When renting, make sure you do your research. Most companies require a functioning credit card to place a reservation and theirĀ dancers will come with a list of rules. Make sure you read reviews and rent from a company that won’t have hidden fees or tries to charge you more than what was advertised.Ā 

When to Consider Buying an Inflatable Tube Man

For business owners who plan on using in-stock orĀ custom inflatable tube men to advertise for their business over time, buying is the way to go. As discussed, once you have the air blower, you can simply swap out the dancer bodies, allowing you to keep your advertising fresh.

Even if you’re not a business owner, there are other reasons to buy over rent. AtĀ Feather Flag Nation, we’ve made aĀ custom inflatable tube man for nearly every purpose! For instance, we have a client who purchased aĀ custom tube manĀ with the blower for his daughter’s birthday party. Now, every year he uses his old blower and gets a new dancer. He even uses it for his business throughout the year!

For business owners looking to turn a profit, buying is going to save you more in the long run than renting. With renting, there are fees, the price per day, and regulations you have to abide by. Outdoor elements can be unpredictable and if something happens to your rental, you will be charged for the repairs.Ā 

Renting over time can start to cost more than the dancer is worth. Especially when you consider the dancer you’re renting is not new and is not customized for your business.

Does Feather Flag Nation Offer Rentals?

AtĀ Feather Flag Nation we currently do not offer rentals for ourĀ inflatable tube men. We do haveĀ in-stockĀ andĀ custom options to choose from. In-stock items can ship out in as little as one business day!Ā 

And as we’ve discussed, you can reuse ourĀ blowers and swap out theĀ dancers, keeping your advertising fresh and fun. While you can’t rent out products, we offer quality advertising items at an affordable price and even have free shipping on orders over $100 with coupon code SAVEMONEY at check out!*

If you’re interested in getting aĀ custom inflatable tube man for yourself,Ā click here to start your FREE design request!Ā 

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