5 reasons you should use custom marketing flags in advertising

5 Reasons You Should Use Custom Flags in Marketing/Advertising

5 Reasons You Should Use Custom Marketing Flags for Advertising

Have you been considering gettingĀ custom marketing flags to help advertise your business?Ā Feather Flag Nation offers a variety of custom outdoor advertising materials! We haveĀ feather, teardrop, rectangle,Ā and standardĀ 3×5 flags available for customization. We even offer inflatable tube men, vinyl banners, yard signs, and more!Ā 

Feather Flag Nation understands the absolute importance of advertising and marketing for businesses big and small. No matter what kind of products or services you offer, we can customize a product that’s perfect for you! But first, let’s discuss why you should use custom marketing flags to advertise your business.

Custom Message

The first big thing about gettingĀ custom flags or signage is the message. AtĀ Feather Flag Nation, we have no design limits, so you can use whatever colors, logos, images, etc that you need! This allows for more creativity on your end and the ability to create a design that will grab attention from anyone walking or driving past.

Use your custom message to let people know about any sales or deals you have going on. They can also be used to inform customers that you’reĀ open orĀ hiring. Or, useĀ custom flagsĀ at trade shows or events for your business and grow your audience.

AtĀ FFN we offer over 600 in-stock feather flagsĀ to choose from. Stock flags are great if you’re on a budget, but since they are stock flags, you may have to compete with other businesses using similar flags. If you’re trying to stand out and be noticed,Ā custom flags will be able to do whatĀ in-stockĀ feather flags cannot.Ā 

Another big advantage to having a custom message is you can brand your flags.Ā Stock flags have a higher chance of being stolen as they can be used for any business. If you were to getĀ custom marketing flags, you’ll be able to put your logo on the flag, along with using your brand colors and fonts. This helps reduce the risk of your exclusive flags being stolen while also helping your company appear professional with consistent branding.Ā 

Easily Draws Attention


Since flags will wave and move in the wind, they can easily be eye-catching to anyone walking or drying by! OurĀ in-stock feather flags are 12ft tall and stand at 15ft on their hardware and our largestĀ custom feather flag we offer is 15ft tall, standing at 17ft on its hardware!Ā 

When driving, these flags will catch attention and be easy to see. Moving signage has the advantage over other types of signs likeĀ vinyl banners orĀ yard signs because the human eye is attracted to movement. Signs that are static won’t grab attention the same way, especially for someone who’s driving and doesn’t have the time to look for signage.

Where to use Feather Flags?

Since you get to choose the placement of your flag, you’ll be able to make sure your flag is facing traffic and in a place that’s easily visible. You can even get multipleĀ custom marketing flags and line the road or street! Or use them to surround your building, making it easy to find you from every angle.

Feather Flag Nation also has multiple options for yourĀ mounting hardware.Ā Because of all our options, you can put your flag in grass/dirt, concrete, the side of a building, and even on the roof of your business! We want to provide a variety of options for you to choose from so you can always find the perfect place to set up your flag.

Maximum Visibility/Versatility

Positioning & Visbility

As we’ve briefly mentioned already, using our variety ofĀ mounting hardware options, you’ll be able to place yourĀ custom marketing flags just about anywhere you need! Use theĀ ground spike for grass/dirt or theĀ cross base for concrete or any other flat surface (great for indoor and outdoor use).Ā 

We also haveĀ wall mounts, car wheelbases, and more! Our goal atĀ FFN is to provide you with all the advertising materials you could need and that includes being able to place your flag virtually anywhere and a surefire advantage over your competitors. When using aĀ feather flag, you want to make sure it is being seen by the maximum amount of people possible, and the only way to achieve that is by having versatility in your mounting options.Ā 

Since you are in charge of where you put yourĀ custom flags, you can line your flags up by the road or other high traffic areas. This will give you the advantage over rental signage such as billboards asĀ you decide the location and how long the flags stay mounted. No monthly deadlines or rental fees.

Consistent Advertising

One of the biggest things that give custom marketing flags the advantage over other standard forms of advertising is that flags areĀ consistentĀ advertisements. Since the flags will stay up for as long as you determine, it is a consistent form of advertising you can utilize. By putting your flags out every single day, you’ll have old and new people viewing your advertising and thinking about your business, even if it’s just subconsciously.Ā 

20% of consumers report being drawn into new stores based on the quality of their signage. That is why it’s important to have eye-catching flags and signs outside of your storefront. You never want to miss an opportunity to gain a new loyal customer, and people driving past is a huge market you should target!

Low Cost

Finally, one of the best reasons you should useĀ custom marketing flags to advertise for your business is because of the cost. Compared to other forms of advertising (some of which only allow for a short period of time),Ā custom feather flags are significantly lower in cost, allowing for a bigger turnover in profit.

Billboard advertising, radio ads, and even flyers can start to add up over time. You’ll have to get new flyers printed, the billboard is only available for a month, and the radio is a 30sec time slot you have to pay to have the air. With flags, once you’ve bought your custom flag, it’s yours for life!Ā 

And once you have theĀ hardwareĀ for your flags, you can simply orderĀ replacement flags,Ā saving you costs on reordering hardware with every new flag!Ā 

If you’re interested in getting your very own flag made, you canĀ click here to start a free design request or you canĀ download our templates here.

Have additional questions?Ā Contact us!


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