Outdoor Banner Flags

Outdoor Banner Flags

Long-Term Outdoor Advertising Options

When it comes to outdoor advertising, there are many options. The most popular choices are either outdoor feather flags, vinyl banners, or sidewalk signs. Outdoor banner flags tend to be the most popular among the options due to easy assembly, portability, and low usage space. These style flags are often referred to as Feather Flags, flutter flags, or wind flags. They are all basically the same product, what varies is the material and quality of prints.

Our outdoor banner flags are made of heavy-duty 120gm polyester blend material. Also sometimes called poly knit mesh. This material is made for long term outdoor use and it easily flutters and swoops in the wind. The meshing allows our ink to penetrate to the backside of the flag, which leaves a mirrored image on the backside. The darker the color, the better the bleed-through will be.

Below you will see an image with an example. The Denny’s feather flag uses vibrant red and yellow colors, which results in a good bleed through to the back. If you are using lighter colors or are trying to target traffic on both sides, then the customer double-sided banner flag is recommended. We will print two polyester flags together and sew them back to back with a 100% block-out material in the middle. One side will not be visible to the other! The image on the right below demonstrates this.

A Variety of Outdoor Banner Flags to Choose From

Everyone has their own taste in style. If you do not like the feather-shaped flags, we do also have rectangle and teardrop-shaped flags. Our 2nd most popular style of outdoor advertising flags are the rectangle flags. These flags allow a large amount of design space, which works well for live images or a layout with a lot of text.  It is also 3 feet wide, while the banner flags are 2.5 feet wide.

If you are looking for a flag that you can use indoors next to your tables or at locations with restricted height or space, then our stock or custom teardrop flags would be a good option. They are also available in double-sided and single-sided print. The teardrop shape is typically preferred for indoor conventions or smaller store locations.

This style is often used by MetroPCS, T-mobile, Cricket Wireless, Verizon Wireless, and other cellphone carriers. They complement very well with vinyl roll-up banner stands.

In summary, banner flags are any outdoor banner flag style: feather flags, rectangle flags, teardrop flags, blade flags, Flutter Flags, etc all fall under “Banner Flags.” At Feather Flag Nation we have a variety of flags to choose from. Our stock feather flags are only $14.99. Browse our stock selection by clicking here to see if anything works for you.

Our customer service team eagerly awaits to help you! Call us at 877-900-5692 or email us at sales@featherflagnation.com.

We take pride in the quality of our products. All custom outdoor banner flags are made in-house from our Riverside, CA location.


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