New Flag Banner Shape Available

New Flag Banner Shape Available Soon for Custom Flags

New Flag Banner Shape Now Available for Custom Flags

Our new flag banner shape starts with a narrow top and expands outwards as it goes down. This flutter flag shape resembles the shape of a blade.

The image to the left shows our largest custom flutter flag size, which is 14 feet. The flag with the pole kit will stand about 14 feet tall.

Custom Flutter Flags vs Custom Feather Flags

These are one of those awesome looking custom flags that do require wind to display properly. Be sure your area gets constant winds to make sure your message is always displayed.

If installing your flutter flag in an area that doesn’t have consistent winds, we recommend mounting the flags at an angle so the flag’s message is always visible.

Our lightweight material allows the flutter flag to open with a gentle breeze, but do keep in mind that it will be closed with no wind.

Our feather flags don’t require any wind in order for the message to be visible. This is due to the pole going the length of the flag and curving at the top to keep the flag shape open.

Flutter Flags

Feather Flags

Other Options for Custom Flags

Another great option for a custom flag is our rectangle flag banner kits. These are also always open. They are 3 feet wide, so you have a lot of design space to work with.

You can even pair our custom flags with custom vinyl prints. A properly decorated business makes use of our custom air dancers, vinyl banners, avenue pole banners, and custom flags. Combine all of these together to begin creating a good impression and more sales.

Is a Custom Flag Banner Good for Your Business?

Our new flag banner shape is great for any location that is near the highway, which experiences high winds. It is also great for shopping complexes and apartment communications. Many housing communities use these custom flags on the perimeter of their community.

If your place has steady wind throughout the day and you are looking to increase your sales, then this flutter flag or any of our other custom flags are made for you.

We take great pride in the quality of our products.  All custom products are made in-house from our Riverside, CA location.


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