What is a Feather Flag & How it can help increase sales

What is a Feather Flag and How You Can Use it to Increase Your Sales

What is a Feather Flag

Everyone knows what a vinyl banner is, but what is a feather flag?  You’ve probably heard the term feather flag, flag banner, or swooper flag when searching for outdoor advertising banners.  A feather flag is a polyester flag that has an advertising slogan, message, business logo,  pictures, etc.  This flag can be mounted on a pole kit to be used indoors or outdoors.

A feather flag is a must have for any business that is looking to stand out from the rest.  Feather flags are great for use at your shopping center, trade-shows, festivals, and a variety of other locations.  They are a must have for any advertising package.

These flags are called “feather flags” because they look like a large feather poked into the ground.  From the image below, you the see how these flags look like feathers.


How Can My Business Increase Sales with Feather Flags?

New Businesses Can Get Noticed Instantly

To increase sales, a new business must first get noticed.  Feather flags and inflatable tube men make this challenging task very easy.  You can order a custom feather flag with your company’s logo, images of your products, and some slogan.  Because these flags can be used at various locations around your shopping complex, you can place these branded flags all-around your shopping complex and begin instantly making impressions.

Our largest custom feather flag stands up to 17ft tall, which makes it is very hard to miss from any location. Once people know you exist, the foot traffic will naturally begin.  The biggest challenge for a new business is to get noticed, and we make that easy.

The image below shows one of our large advertising rectangle flags.  Usually, auto dealerships are one next to another, which makes it hard to know where to turn in.  The large vinyl banner and the Toyota rectangle flag makes it very obvious as to where the dealership is.  Anyone driving can easily see from a distance as to where they need to turn.  No last minute lane changes, no missing the entrance — safety and happiness of the customer in one package.

Custom rectangle flag kit - custom flags.

Existing Businesses Can Also Increase Sales

Businesses that have been open for a while and are looking to increase sales can also make use of a feather flag. Looking to clear out an item?  Create a custom flag with the product’s image and sale price – mount it outside your business and BAM! everyone passing your location now knows of your clearance item.

One of the best uses of these feather flags is by restaurants.  For example, if you own a McDonald’s franchise — you can order a custom flag with the picture of a tasty Fish Filet on it and your sale price and let’s say the text “Fish Filet Fridays. Only $1.49”  Mount a few of these outside your lot.  As people pass your restaurant, their mouths will water from the image of the Fish Filet, Fries, and a Soda.  In addition to this, they will know to come back to your business on Friday for your Fish Filet special.

Feather Flag - Jack-in-box knows its Value

Where Can I Purchase a Custom Feather Flag?

View our available sizes by clicking here.  A variety of sizes are available for all locations and events.

On a budget?  View our stock feather flag options.  Currently, only $49 for a complete kit to use at grass/dirt location.

Email:  sales@featherflagnation.com

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