How to setup a feather flag - 2 pole kit options.

How to Setup a Feather Flag

How to Setup a Feather Flag

Setting up a feather flag can get confusing depending on the size, the number of poles, and tip styles. Let us show you how to setup a feather flag.

In short, most of them will require you to telescope from the thickest to the thinnest piece. Dimples or black insert pieces on the edges will lock poles into place.


Types of Pole Kits for Feather Flags

At Feather Flag Nation, we have two different styles for our pole kits. We have a flexible/fiberglass tip pole kit and a full aluminum/pre-curved pole kit. Both pole kits are going to look and do the same thing. The biggest difference is, the fiberglass tip pole kit will fit in our travel bag while our pre-curved pole kit does not.

Flexible/Fiberglass Tip Pole Kit


This banner flag pole kit will come with a flexible tip. This style is popular with single-sided custom feather flags and also for travel packages. The flexible antenna tip and its accompanying pieces allow you to easily store them in a travel bag. They are also slightly lighter. This style is perfect for lightweight flags or short term use of heavy flags.

Full Aluminum/Pre-Curved Pole Kit


The most common pole kit style is the full aluminum pole kit. All of the telescoping pieces will be made of full aluminum. This is great for using our feather flags at a single location.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what style pole kit I have? Easy! Look at the pole kit you have. If the top piece is already curved, you have the pre-curved pole kit. If the top piece is straight and bends as you put your flag on, you have the flexible pole kit.

My pole is shorter than my feather flag. The common cause of this is telescoping the poles backward. When telescoping, make sure the dimples or stoppers are always on top. This will lock the poles into the correct place. Otherwise, one pole will slide all the way into the other.

Do fiber-glass and full aluminum pole kits work on the same banner flag? Yes, both styles are made for the same type of feather flags. They are interchangeable on our flags.

Is mounting hardware interchangeable between the pole kits?  This will vary depending on the flag size. Check with us before you purchase replacement pieces.

Hopefully, this blog helped you learn how to setup a feather flag. Have additional questions? Contact us!

At Feather Flag Nation, we strive to provide you with high-quality USA made products. Our pole kits are even made in-house! We have a huge inventory of stock feather flag designs. Over 600 awesome flags to choose from at $14.99.

We also create custom flags of varying sizes and styles. Contact us for more details by clicking here. We can custom craft a flag for your boat, vehicle, motorcycle,  or any other locations.

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