What to Keep in Mind When Ordering a Custom Flag

What to Keep in Mind When Ordering a Custom Flag?

Custom Flags Don't Have to be Complicated!

Creating a custom flag may seem like something that’s out of your wheelhouse, but it doesn’t have to be! Here at Feather Flag Nation, we offer completely free design services! So, if you’re worried about not being able to do the design yourself, you don’t have to worry. We will create a personalized, custom flag per your specifications and make any changes you need!

Maybe you’re thinking: “Hmm, I’d still like to do my own design.” We also have our custom flag templates available for download on our site, check them out here! Once you’ve made your design, you can email it to our designers and they will double-check everything and be sure it is ready for production.

Whether you do the design or we help you, here are some things to keep in mind when ordering your custom flag.

Make Sure Your Custom Design Looks Perfect

One of the most important things to keep in mind when designing your custom flag is the design itself. You want to make sure you design something that will be easy to read and understand. If you’re designing a feather flag for your business, the point of the flag is to bring attention to your business and get customers. If your flag is hard to read, people walking or driving by may not understand what you do, thus losing out on a potential customer!

If you’re designing a custom 3×5 flag, it’s also important to keep hierarchy and your message in mind. Since 3×5 flags are commonly put on tall poles above your building, filling them with a bunch of information isn’t necessary. You always want to make sure whatever your custom flag says, it is easy to understand no matter what.

With feather flags, keeping the text short and simple is usually the best option! Think about what your business offers and then select one or two of the main sellers. For example, if you’re a bakery with lots of options, but who specializes in donuts, putting “DONUTS” on a flag with your logo or company name is more effective than saying “SAM’S BAKERY. BREAD, CUPCAKES, MUFFINS, AND DONUTS.” 

You also want to make sure you choose bold colors that won’t get lost in the background of a busy street but aren’t so busy and distracting that you can’t read what your flag says. Popular colors people tend to use are blues, yellows, reds, and greens. These colors don’t tend to blend in and are vibrant enough to stand out against buildings. 

With 3×5 custom flags, what you put on the flag will depend on where you plan on putting the flag. If you just want to use this flag as a way to showcase your business, simply adding the name or logo would be perfect! If you want to use this flag to advertise a product or service (maybe you’re attaching it to a food truck or taking it with you to an event), then you can add a bit more than your logo. I do still advise keeping the text simple, that way it’s still easy to read and get your message across. To go with my example from earlier, “SAM’S BAKERY. BREAD, CUPCAKES, MUFFINS, AND DONUTS” would be just about as much text as you should use on a 3×5.

How to Design a Feather Flag and 3x5 Flag

Do You Need Single or Double-Sided Flags?

Once you’ve finalized your design, the next big decision to make is whether or not you want single or double-sided flags. We offer both options for custom flags, so let’s talk about both!

Single-Sided Flags

All of our in-stock flags are going to be single-sided. Single-sided designs work great for anyone! You will still be able to see the design on the backside, it will just appear reversed and a little bit lighter. 

Double-Sided Flags

Our custom flags have the option to upgrade to a double-sided design. Double-sided flags are two flags sewn together with a mesh in the middle. This will keep the design from shining through to the other side. The double-sided flag works great for any area since your message will read no matter which way someone sees it. 

Think about where you’ll be putting your custom flag. Will people be coming from both directions? Is your message easy to read backward? Are you trying to sell a product or are you just advertising your company? Questions like these will help you decide on whether or not you should get a single or double-sided custom flag.

Time to Place Your Order!

Once you’ve taken the above into consideration, it’s time to place your order! I’ll walk you through the different steps to order a custom feather flag or a custom 3×5 flag.

Ordering a Custom Feather Flag

The first thing you’ll want to do is to make sure you are ordering the correct size. At the top of the ordering page, there will be a list of the different feather flag sizes, be sure you select the size you are needing. Then, fill out the steps as needed.

Step 1: Step one asks if you’d like to do a single-sided flag or upgrade to a double-sided design. 

Step 2: Step two is selecting the pole sleeve color you’d like. For our custom feather flags, we offer white, black (+$1.00), and red (+$1.50).

Step 3: Select the hardware you’ll be needing. This is where you get to pick out the poles and mounting hardware for your flag. If you are going to put your flag in the grass or dirt, you can use the ground spike. If your flag will be going indoors or on a flat surface, you can use the cross base.

You will also have an option to upgrade to our premium poles. These poles are reinforced to hold up better to higher winds.

Step 4 (optional): This step will have either our tie-down clip or our travel bag. The tie-down clip is a clip that attaches to the bottom pole and you can tie your flag directly to it. It is not necessary for assembly and will automatically come with our fiberglass pole kit. The travel bag can be used to easily store and travel with your flags.  If you need the travel bag, you must get the fiberglass tip pole kit as the pre-curved pole kit will not fit in the travel bag.

Ordering a Custom 3×5 Flag

Step 1: Just like with our feather flags, step one is deciding whether or not you will be needing a single or double-sided flag.

Step 2: Step two will ask you if you’d like to add a pole sleeve to your custom flag, and if so, where would you like the pole sleeve?

Step 3: Step three will ask if you’d like to add grommets. You can have both grommets and a pole sleeve, you can have one or the other, or you can have no grommets or pole sleeve at all!

Step 4 (optional): At the time of writing this, we are offering a BUY ONE GET ONE 50% OFF special for our custom 3×5 flags. This step will give you an option to add an additional flag for half off.

Step 5: The final step before adding anything to your cart is deciding if you need hardware. We offer the pole and wall mount for our standard flags.

Enjoy Your Custom Flag!

Once you’ve placed your order and finalized your design, it will take 3 business days to produce 1-4 flags and then 3-5 business days for shipping (depending on your location). After that, it’s time to set up and enjoy your new custom flag!

Your great looking flag is a sure-fire way to help draw attention and get more business. At Feather Flag Nation, we offer high-quality custom flag prints that are perfect for any business.

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