3×5 Flagpoles for Custom Flags | How to Assemble Our Standard and Premium Pole Kits

Now Offering Flag Poles for Custom 3x5 Flags

Here at Feather Flag Nation we are excited to announce we are now offering complete flag pole kits for our custom 3×5 standard flags! These poles will be available as standard or premium and can be purchased separately or with our custom flags. We are going to discuss the benefits of each pole kit along with the benefits of having a custom 3×5 flag!

Why Get a Custom 3x5 Flag?

Let’s start with the latter! Having a custom 3×5 can be very beneficial for your business. If your business is located in a high traffic area with other competing businesses, it’s important to make sure you stand out against the crowd. What better way to do that than to have your company name/logo/products/etc displayed on a 3×5 flag

That simple advertising could be the difference between people stopping into your store or just walking/driving by. The more you make people aware of your location, the better! If your business travels or goes to events, a 3×5 is an easy, convenient way to travel with professional advertising. These flags can be attached to buildings, vehicles, food trucks, boats, and more! 

 Don’t have a business? A 3×5 flag can still benefit you! These flags also make great gifts for anyone in your life. Use them to support your favorite sports team, school, memorialize a loved one, or just as a nice welcome into your home. At FFN we have no restrictions on colors, images, or text. As long as the files you send are good quality, we can use them! 

What does this mean? This means we can create just about any style 3×5 flag that you need! Why would you not want to get a custom 3×5 flag when there are virtually no limits? Additionally, at FFN we offer FREE DESIGN SERVICES! If you’d like to get a custom flag proofed out for you, just click here to get started!

Now Offering Pole Kits for 3x5 Flags!

FFN is now offering a complete pole kit with mounting hardware for our custom and stock 3×5 flags! The hardware will include the poles, mounting hardware, and clips to attach the flag. Just like our feather flags, we are offering two options for our pole kits: standard or premium.

Standard Poles

Our standard poles will work great for anyone! This kit comes with 2 pole pieces that’ll stand at 6ft when put together and 2 clips to attach the flag to. You also will have the option to add our wall mount. The wall mount for our 3×5 flags is going to be different than the wall mount for our feather flags, so be sure you are using the correct one. Our standard poles will have a stylish, gold eagle on the top. These poles are made from aluminum, just like our feather flag hardware. 

Premium Poles

Our premium poles also come as 2 pole pieces that’ll stand at 6ft when put together. These poles will also come with 2 clips, but unlike our standard poles, these clips are tangle-free!

These poles are also thicker than our standard poles, making them sturdier all around. The base for these poles is different than the base for our standard poles. This means that our standard poles will not fit the base for premium poles and vice versa.

Similar to the standard poles, the mounting hardware for the premium poles will not work with our feather flag poles.

Assembling Your 3x5 Pole Kit

Assembling your standard 3×5 pole kit is quick and easy! If you purchase the pole kit and the mounting hardware you should receive:

  • 2 Pole Pieces
  • 2 Clips
  • Wall Mount
  • 3 Screws for Mount

Step 1:

Put your pole pieces together. The piece with the eagle (standard) or ball (premium) is the top piece. The top pole piece will slide into the bottom pole piece.

If you are doing the standard poles, you will have to attach the clips to the top pole piece. If you are using the premium poles, the clips will already be installed.

Step 2:

Once the poles are put together, you can attach your flag to the pole using the clips. Open the metal part of the clip up and slide the flag’s grommets into the clip.

If your flag does not have grommets and instead has a pole sleeve, you can unscrew the top ball/eagle and slide your flag onto the pole.

The clips will be pre-installed on the premium poles. Be sure to take those off before sliding your flag on the pole.

Step 3:

Find the location where you’ll be mounting your flag and use the provided screws to secure the base to that location.

Step 4:

Once the base is secured, you can slide the bottom pole piece and enjoy your new 3×5 flag!

How to Assemble Our Standard and Premium Pole Kits


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