Flexible vs Pre-Curved Poles

Flexible vs Pre-Curved Poles

Have you ever looked at our website and thought to yourself, what is the difference between the flexible and pre-curved pole set? Which one is better? Well, it is a very common question, no doubt.  We get it; you want to know what the best option for you is!  I mean, who wants to spend loads of money on something that might not work for you. Feather Flag Nation understands our customers need options. So when it comes to feather flag hardware, we only got the best options for you. When looking into purchasing anything from us, you should double check if you have the correct size of flag and hardware, if you already have any.  Each flag size has its corresponding hardware. So if you are new to our company and have never purchased from us, we recommend you buy your flag with its full kit. A full kit consists of the specific flags corresponding size poles plus a base of your selection.  This is important since our flag are made to fit onto our poles, so we really can’t guarantee our flags will fit onto other company poles.  Like mentioned before, most of our flags have corresponding pole sizes. For example our most popular size is the 12ft feather flag with comes with a 15ft pole kit. Meaning the flag it’s self is about 12ft but stands at 15ft tall all put together. Our returning customers are well versed in our hardware. However, we get new customers every day. So this blog is to answer any questions regarding our hardware selections as far as our two most popular pole options.  So if you have any questions about hardware look no further than this blog.

Feather Flag Pole Options!

Feather flags are our bread and butter. We love feather flags and because we love feather flags, we got two different options for you as far as pole sets; pre-curved and flexible.  Since some of our customers like to have our flags up for most of the year we offer our pre-curved pole set. While other customers take their feather flags on the road, we offer our flexible pole set.  While both are made from aluminum, they are also both user-friendly. Easy to set up and to take down when needed. So the option is really yours.

Although they both do the work fine, our flexible pole set is best if you are traveling with your flag. Much like street vendors, who are constantly on the go!  Our flexible pole set is made from aluminum with a flexible fiber glass pole piece on top. The fiber glass top piece is made so it can relax to its straight form for easier storage. The flexible pole set is the only one that fits into our travel bag. So customers who have to comply with city rules or even if you are street vendor who are constantly moving, can choose this option so they can pack it up in a neat travel bag until they need it again.  This is the only version of our pole sets that requires a tie down clip that will secure your flag to the poles. Just for added measure. The travel bag is considered an add on but not absolutely necessary. Really up to you. 

Our Pre-Curved pole set is our default type of pole for most of larger feather flags. This one is full aluminum and keeps it shape.  That makes it our fan favorite, especially if you’re thinking about keeping it up most of the year. This pole set does not fit into our travel bag and does not require tie down clips. However, it gets the job done. 


Are you in a windy area? Worried our flag hardware will not withstand high winds? We got an upgrade for you. Our premium option comes are a more dense version of our original poles, these are made to withstand winds up to 30mph. Of course with proper care, your hardware can last you a while.  

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