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Feather Flags: Ground Spike vs Cross Base

Looking into purchasing a feather flag and are now faced with making decisions on what type of base you need? Although the decision is not between live or death, it is important to think about what you’re going to be using your feather flag for.  Did you need it to simply stay put or did you need your flag to travel with you.  Thinking about it now, all options can technically travel with you; it’s just a matter of convenience.  If you keep up with our blogs, you know we recently explained the difference between our flexible and the pre-curved pole sets. As fun and thrilling as that might be, we get a lot of questions regarding our hardware.  And really to keep it short, technically, they both pole sets do the job correctly; you just have to decide which one works best for you too.  We love giving our customers choices, even if it’s not many. 

Ground Spikes

Ground spikes are by far our favorite base. It’s pretty straight forward and easy to work with.  We feel like they are both reliable and sturdy. This specific base has a pointed tip where you can easily push into dirt or grass. You just have to make sure the desired area is deep enough take the length of the spike. We’d say for best use of the ground spike you would need about 2ft for clearance.  Our suggestion is to push slowly, so if you hit a pipe of any kind, not much damage will occur.  Our ground spike is by far our best option for high wind areas. In fact, this base will be the best option for sides of the road, so when potential customers are zooming by, your flag will stay put!

Cross Base

Our cross base is another popular choice. The cross base is perfect for people who need to display on a hard surface area; for example areas with cement or even indoors. This option is often paired with our weighted donut. This will add about 30-35lbs of extra weight. The weighted donuts can be filled with either sand or water.  The added weight will help your flag and cross base stay in place.  So there is less of a risk it being pushed over by passing customers. Although added weight can be added to this base, we still recommend you look into ground spikes if you can.


Other Bases…

If you have a special project in mind, feel free to reach to our amazing team. Not only can they create a wicked design for your custom items but they are ready to answer any questions you might have.  Did you want to attach your flag to your tow hitch? Did you want to display them on the roof?  We got the right parts for you. Our dedicated team is a click or call away! 

We also feel like it is important for you to know that even to the best of our abilities, we cannot control the weather. So we strongly recommend you take care of you flags and hardware by keeping them in shaded areas and bringing them inside for severe weather.  Especially if your flags are custom, we know they are an investment and major damage cannot be repaired most of the time.  So keep an eye out for them and your flags will keep working for you.

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