FFN Gift Guide

Looking for something special and unique to give as a gift? Do you have a secret Santa exchange coming up and have no idea what to get? With the holidays rushing toward us this year, we know getting the perfect gift is a bit stressful. Not all is lost however. We still have some time this year to get your order in on time for the upcoming holidays. We even offer rush services if you need those additional costs.  Just reach out to our team and we can get those over to you.  Feather Flag Nation has your back; we specialize in the unique, so shopping with us is easy. We carry stock items and we can even make special designs if it’s in your budget. Gifting something unique has never been easier. Even if it’s not the holidays, Feather Flag Nation has the gifts that will impress anyone, anytime of the year.  

Why would I gift a flag?

Holidays are a special time. This is the time where most are in search for the perfect gift, so why not a custom flag? We feel like our custom flags fall into the category of both unique and special. Say you have someone who wants to start a business but is waiting for the perfect jumping point. Think about how much it would mean to them to see you believe in their dreams. A custom flag or banner with their business name or logo would be perfect for them.  Gift them their first piece of merchandise and you will see the motivation in their eyes. The perfect thoughtful gift exists and we can make it happen.


If you are going for more of a fun gift, we have just what you need too. We also offer some fun gag gifts we think are great conversation starters. These are in the form of pre-designed, meaning you don’t have to go through the design process with us.  Just wait for production time and shipping. Most of our gag gifts are your favorite memes. So if you have someone who has a go-to-meme, we might have the perfect lighthearted gift for them. Just check out our growing meme library. There are so many reasons why flags are good gifts.  You just have to find one. Just don’t think we stop selling these flags after the holidays have come and gone. We are a year round seller! So if you have any gifting need, reach out to us, our flags make great gifts year round! Just make sure to give us plenty of time to get it to you. 

What can I print on a flag?

For us, there is no limit on what you want to create. We know there are other companies that charge per color or maybe even word. We think that is a bit unnecessary. Feather Flag Nation believes in freedom of creativity. For that we have professional designers that are there with you every step of the way, if you need them. Even if you send in artwork, our team will make sure your art will print out how you want it. Even if your colors are not adjusted to ours, we will let you know or color correct for you.  Designing with us is really easy. You just have to be willing to check your email once in a while when working with us.  That is our main form of contact with our customers. You can also call us if you need quick help.  We love new friends, so get in contact with our team and see what we can do you.  

How fast should I expect my flag?

We know fitting into your timeline is important. We understand events pop up, so we try to be understanding as much as we can. Our standard production time is about 3 business days for custom items 1-4, not counting shipping. Which can take anywhere from 2-5 business days, depending on your shipping location.  If you are truly in a rush we also offer rush shipping services via UPS.  Although their prices are very high during this time, it is do-able. We just have no control on how much they charge. We also offer rush production at a fee if you would like to see if your items can be made within a shorter production time.  Prices vary depending on how much work we currently have. In other words a rush production fee would push your order to the front of the line.      

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