Feather Flags for Outdoor Events

Outdoor Advertising Flags for Special Events

Special events require a lot of outdoor promotional materials. The most common is our custom feather flags. Our Feather Flags for outdoor events come in a variety of sizes and shapes. With our commercial printing process, you will get eye-catching bright and vibrant colors.

Properly designing your custom-crafted banner flags is important for correctly branding your company. The theme of the flag must work around the logo to stay without corporate standards. At Feather Flag Nation, we’ve worked with many large corporations — such as Target, Walmart, Subway, SHELL Gasoline, and many many more.

Each and every corporation has its own strict branding guidelines. We will make sure to follow the providing guidelines to create the most eye-catching yet brand correct custom feather flag designs.  Simply send us your logo’s vector file, the branding PDF guide, and a brief description of the layout. Once received, we will send you a proof within 2 to 3 hours.

We have a huge variety of custom-crafted products available for both indoor and outdoor events. CLICK HERE to go to our custom flags and banners page. We also have air-inflated dancers, yard signs, standard 3×5 flags, and a variety of other items that complement our custom banner flags.

What Makes Our Feather Flags Better Than Others?

We take pride in our work and strive to provide you with the best quality products. Since we do not outsource our custom work to China, we are able to quality control of our production. Our aluminum pole kits are heavy duty and made to be used outdoors day and night. They will withstand standard weather conditions. The flags will withstand severe outdoor weather conditions but will wear and tear quicker than normal. We do advise you to take them inside during severe weather.

Our mounting hardware is made of heavy-duty metal with strong welding. This allows the mounts to withstand stronger winds. You can visit our mounting hardware options by clicking here. Feather flags for outdoor events are used at many locations, therefore having many mounting options is a must. Just the ground spike and cross-base do not always cut it.

Our custom feather flags are printed on a strong polyester blend. The poly knit mesh material allows the flags to easily wave outdoors and it is also durable to withstand standard outdoor weather conditions. The material is also okay to use during rain. No need to run outside to bring in your banner flags when it begins raining.

Feather flags for outdoor events is a must. Contact us today to begin your custom flag order.  sales@featherflagnation.com



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