Feather Flags vs Swooper Flags

Feather flags vs Swooper Flags

Full Sleeve vs Half Sleeve

Many clients ask about the difference between the two flag styles you see for feather flags. When comparing Feather Flags vs Swooper Flags, the windless banner style feather flag is usually always chosen.

Look at the image below, it is clear to see why the full sleeve design reigns supreme. Regardless of having wind or not, your flag is always open. This means your message is always visible! Why purchase a flag that will not display your brand or promotion all the time?

The full sleeve flags also wave and flutter in the wind to capture attention. The half sleeve swooper flag waves from top to bottom, but if there is no wind, the flag will collapse. It is great for solid colored swooper flags since they have no message. But, if you have text on your flag, then the full sleeve feather flag is the way to go.


More Examples of Why Swooper Flags are Bad

Below you will find two images from the LA County Fair. You can see how the half sleeve swooper flags are bad! Especially for indoor use. Feather Banner Flags do not have this problem. They will always be open to display your message. Indoors or outdoors, the feather flags are the best option.

This ice cream booth was located at the end of the LA County Fair’s building. From a distance, I could not even tell what the vendor was selling. If the vendor purchases a full sleeve feather flag, then the “Ice Cream” text would be visible from the other side. It was a very hot day also and my family was looking for ice cream. We ended up getting a cold drink instead because we didn’t know there was an ice cream stand.


Discussion Summary


In a summary, our patented feather flag design is better than the standard swooper flag. It requires no wind to display your message. The flag can be used indoors and outdoors with ease. Feather flags vs Swooper flags are an easy and quick debate. Always go with Feather Flag Nation‘s feather flag. If you are set on the half-sleeve flutter flags then only go with the solid colors. For branding and slogans, only go with the full sleeve flags.

We take great pride in the quality of our products. All custom products are made in-house from our Riverside, CA location. 

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