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How to Clean a Vinyl Banner and Maintain it Looking New

Vinyl banners are a great product! Their smooth texter makes them nice to both feel and look at, as well as being very versatile and durable. But it could be understandably confusing the properly clean as not many people have to handle vinyl material, so they may not know the proper procedures. Luckily the process is very simple. It is important to note that not everyone’s vinyl banners are the same, so they may require slightly different methods, and different vinyl products will require different things.

The Cleaning Process


Our vinyl banners are made of a 14oz matte vinyl material, to clean them, you just need to mix cold water with mild soap, and slowly wipe it with a soft cloth or towel. Try to avoid detergents that are made of artificial synthetic ingredients. Also, avoid soaps that are artificially scented or are antibiotics as their chemicals could affect the vinyl material. A very important note is to not wash any of our flags or banners in the washing machine, as there have been very unfortunate cases in the past of customers doing so. This spot-cleaning philosophy should also be applied to all our other flags, such as our polyester blend feather flags, premium flags, and economy flags.

How To Prevent Damage to Your Vinyl Banner

To prevent your vinyl banner from getting dirty or damaged in the future, here are a few important points:

  1. Keep them out of severe weather, such as severe winds, extreme heat, hail, ect.
  2. Put them away after they’ve been used by rolling them then storing them inside. It may be inconvenient for some but doing so will significantly increase their life span.
  3. Keep them away from heat. Leaving them on a hot surface may cause it to bend, warp, or wrinkle and putting them in hot weather will cause the design to fade much more rapidly.

Doing these 3 things, can help them last from 6 to 12 months. Some customers have even reported them lasting over a year. It all depends on how well you take care of them. 

Need a New Banner? Here's a Special Deal!

If you have damaged any of your banners, either by cleaning them incorrectly or for any other reason, we do have a coupon code to help you on getting a new one. With the coupon code: SAVEMONEY you can get free shipping within the US (excluding Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico) as long as the order is over $100 dollars and none of the products in your cart exclude the use of other coupons. 

If any new deals pop up, you can sign up for our newsletter! Just check the box that says, “Subscribe to our newsletter” bellow the Billing Details section when checking out any item.

How to Order a New Vinyl Banner

click here for custom vinyl banners V2

If you would like to get a new vinyl banner, there are 2 ways to go about it. For a custom vinyl banner, you can place a free design request here using this link. Just specify the size you’re looking for, the colors you have in mind, and the specifics of the design. If you have any images or graphics you’d like us to use, please send them in vector format, this is .ai, .eps, and sometimes .pdf. If you do not have access to the graphic in vector format, no worries, we offer free graphic recreations! But there is a fee to get access to the recreated vector file. 

Feel free to suggest whatever graphics and colors you’d like because we do not charge based on design, we charge based on the size of the product and the accessories you get with it. 

But if you’d like to get the payment out of the way, you can use this link to place the order first. On the checkout page, you’ll be able to put the same information as in the design request in the order notes section. Whichever way you do it, our team of designers with respond with a proof of your design as well as any clarifying question. We’ll send proofs back and forth until you are satisfied with the design, then once everything is paid for the and design has been approved, then the printing process can begin.

 For those looking for a stock item, the process is even simpler, just look through our inventory of vinyl banners here, add them to your cart, proceed to check out, then everything is ready to go!


Cleaning a vinyl banner can be deceptively challenging, but all that is required is some simple spot cleaning. Meaning adding some natural mild soap to water and wiping it down, then just getting some cloth to dry it off. Make sure to keep them away from heavy weather, especially when it is hot to avoid damaging the material or causing the design to fade. For any more information about banner care, or placing an order, just call us at (877)-900-5692, or email us at

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